Question About Multiplayer

Question: Is the multiplayer set up like it was in Forza Horizon 2? For me that was horrible and made it next to impossible to do the types of races I enjoyed on any consistent basis. As someone who spends 90% of his time in racing games in multiplayer FH2’s horrible setup meant I was through with the game in less than a month. Fearing the same this is the first Forza game since I got into the series with FM4 that I didn’t preorder and rush out to buy day one. If it is like FH2 then this will be a rental for me, or a used purchase once Gamestop starts their yearly 3 1/2 month Christmas return policy (best time of the year to catch up on games you missed for free.)
I really miss the lobbies from FH1. I get that some people like the new way. Too bad they couldn’t do both.

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This too I’d like to be knowing.

Also, if it is set up like FH2, are you still stuck in the same car for multiple races?
What about when someone else is setting up a race? Last time if I remember correctly, you couldn’t tell ahead of time what the race was going to be and had to guess at what type of car would be best to use.
Is there anything like FH1’s Highway Blast where it’s a good long almost straight speed race? What about like 1’s Goliath or Red Rocks to Dam, point to point races that were really long (7-10 minutes)? Those were my favorites from the first game and there were no comparable races in FH2.