Question about how to get stock tuning settings

I have been trying to replicate cars from older games on cars that are in Horizon 4 by upgrading the car and trying to tune the car to the settings it has (stock) in the other game.
But I need some help with this!

For instance, I have been trying to replicate the 2014 BMW M235i from forza horizon 3 to forza horizon 4 on the 2016 BMW M2 platform, I have most tuning settings sorted out like;

  • gear ratios;
  • camber settings;
  • differential settings;
  • etc.

The hard thing to replicate are the stock suspension settings like the springs and dampening.
What I found out myself was that race suspension with both the sliders to softest (spring setting), it starts to handle like the car without any suspension upgrades, so as if it doesn’t have the upgrade,
exactly what I am trying to replicate so I can copy the spring settings’ number (how many pounds/kilos) and apply that to the car on which I am trying to replicate it.

With some cars this works, but the damping settings are the ones I can’t figure out to get to stock.

Know my question is:
Is there a formula or way to get the stock suspension setting and damping setting from a car?
So what I mean by that is: How do you get the number that is normally visualised by a lock icon (when you can’t change the setting)?

If you know how to get the stock tuning settings from a car, please let me know by commenting so I can finish some builds that I have been trying to make!

When you’re in the tuning UI, click on the setup manager down at the bottom of the screen. It’ll give you an option to reset the car to its default tuning.

What I mean is the default ‘locked numbers’ that you can’t change unless you have race/rally suspension. When you equip race/rally suspension, the game automatically changes the numbers to a standard for every car.

I’m confused so bear with me, you want to find out the “Stock Numbers” for cars in older games and apply them to cars in FH4?

The issue with this, each car has different Max - Min springs and different ride heights etc… so figuring out the Stock figures I believe would be impossible, without the information direct from Forza.

The normal calculation is:

(Max - Min) × (Front Percentage) + Min
(Max - Min) × (Rear Percentage) + Min

IE: For Springs

Say 105.5 is Max 45.5 is Min and Front Percentage is 52 as such Rear Percentage being 48, the calculation would be:

(105.5 - 45.5) × (.52) + 45.5 = 76.7
(105.5 - 45.5) × (.48) + 45.5 = 74.3

As such when you take the total of front (76.7) + back (74.3) = 151 which is the Max (105.5) + Min (45.5) added together. This way your car is balanced.

However in the giving circumstances you’d be unable to know the min or max figures for springs, rebound, bump to work out the calculation as these are masked on a pure stock setup.

The other solution is to safe the stock tune and share on the older game and import this into FH4 using the load tune option in game, although again this wouldn’t work based on the ‘model’ / ‘year’ of car if they are different.

I’d recommend for cars which don’t match identically, add rally / race suspension and tune using the calculation above. For gearing and transmission including differentials, it’s going to take a lot of guesswork.

Apologies if I’ve not picked you up correctly.

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This is indeed sort of what I mean, and this formula will definitly help me with tuning cars better. I think it’s impossible like you said, but only on some cars.

I have tried to do it on the BMW M235i, and made the race suspension (on forza horizon 3) as soft as possible and added the difference between the front and rear suspension.
For example:

Race suspension (stock) figures: Front: ~1100; Rear: ~1000. Difference: ~100
Race suspension (slider all the way to the softest setting) figures: Front: ~400 + ~100; Rear: 400.

Doing this makes the car with the race suspension handle like exactly the same as the car equipped with stock suspension.

Now to Forza Horizon 4:
I equipped the race suspension to the 2016 M2 and I changed the suspension values to ~500 in the front, ~400 in the back. This does make the car handle like the 2014 M235i, so that’s a win.
Like you said on some cars you can’t change the values exactly like the car you want to replicate, and that’s true, but most of the time it does work fortunatly.

So now we have the spring settings done (ride height is easy with race suspension, raise the car as high as possible), now to the one thing that I can’t figure out:
Which are the damping settings, to get the stock damping settings is the real problem, because sliding it all the way to the left always gives in the same value of 3.0 in the front and rear.

The formula I use to get the standard damping settings is ([given value] - 3.0) * 0.5 + 3.0

So with 12 in the front the calculation is (12 - 3.0) * 0.5 + 3.0 = 7.5. (not exact values)
And ofcourse with 10 in the back: (10 - 3.0) * 0.5 + 3.0 = 6.5. (not exact values)

Ofcourse this number is a complete shot in the dark, because the exact number is probably something different but with the tests I did with that formula, the car handles almost the same as the car which I am trying to replicate, the 2014 M235i.

These 2 formulas really help replicating standard/stock car tunes (from an older game) on different car platforms (in a newer game).

I still don’t know how to get the exact standard/stock (no suspension upgrades) damping tune, so if anyone has a formula to get that tune setting, please let me know!

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The calculation given works across all aspects:

(Max - Mix) x Front Percentage +Min

So in your instance say 1 is Min 10 max percentage front 52

Front: (10 - 1) x (.52) + 1 = 5.68
Rear: (10 - 1) x (.48) + 1 = 5.32

I’d use 1 as Min and 10 as Max to start with and see how that feels, if it’s not right adjust the max to 20 and calculate again:

Front: (20-1) x (.52) + 1 = 10.88
Rear: (20 - 1) x (.48) + 1 = 10.12

If that again doesn’t work then take the first calculation result: 5.28 then the second 10.88 add them together and divide by 2 given:

Front: 8.28
Rear: 7.72

That will at least give a point of reference meaning that the actual stock figure your looking for is either between 5.28 - 8.28 or 8.28 - 10.88 (only you’ll be able to tell based on handling).

Now going on what you said 7.5 felt ‘almost’ like it, which may indicate in this scenario 8.28 may be nearer the true figure? However take into account I used 52% front percentage in this calculation so if this isn’t the correct figure, once you calculate using the correct front and rear percentage it ‘may’ give you the one your looking for? Example 50/50 front rear using all the above would give:

Front: 8.00
Rear: 8.00

Again even closer to your initial 7.5

Either way, I hope this information helps you further with your achievement, let me know how you get on.