Question about gamestop pre order bonus codes

Does anyone know how the pre order bonus codes work with digital downloads as I still have not received them with the ultimate edition. No one at the store level seemed to know and after 3 emails to customer service over the course of a week they still haven’t answered me so I’m hoping someone on here will know


since you got it from Gamestop they should be supplying you with the code

Ya I’m wondering if I haven’t received them yet since the game doesn’t technically release until the 27th

Hello !

Did you receive your Gamestop pre order codes ?

I ordered from them and didnt receive the codes yet so i was wondering if it was normal ?

Thank you !

well i received the code and redeem and its was successful but I didn’t receive any car in my garage wow

Hard reset your console and see if they show up
They might be waiting in the autoshow to collect for free

Look in the dlc section of the autoshow as well

No Codes here either

It probably doesn’t help but I haven’t received mine either.

Ya still none here I’m hoping they pop up when the game release tonight

I preordered a digital download from gamestop and after doing some research I was wondering where they were too. As I thought my code was suppose to have everything on it.

Hello !
Do you mean that the code provided for the ultimate edition already include the 3 pre order cars ?

Preorder codes are separate to the game code

I’m a little lost then since it’s the first time i’m buying something at gamestop.

Does that mean we won’t get them ?
I ordered the game yesterday and i still didn’t received these codes

I never received them either (online order, ultimate digital). If you are able to, go into a Gamestop store, show them your order # and they should be able to issue you codes for the Hellcat and Ferrari (they called this process generating “backup” codes).

Unfortunately I dont have any Store nearby, i contacted them via email but no answer yet…

I finally got mine today… After spending 45 minutes on the phone with game stop customer service. I had also sent three emails, one over a week ago and still haven’t had a response so I would call for anyone still waiting

Hello !
You correctly received all of the 3 cars then ?

  • Ferrari 488 GTB + Dodge SRT Hellcat ?
  • Mercedes C63 S Coupe ?

Thank you

Not necro, but I receieved the following:

-mercedes from the xbox messages

  • hellcat from gamestop (had to call in)
  • edit: First ferrari code was redeemed, the CS didn’t want to give me a code. Called xbox, and then called gamestop again. Got a new code, and now have all the DLC installed on my xbox.

Thank you.
It seems i won’t be able to get them if i dont give them a call… which is impossible for personal reasons…
Why can’t it be simple : I buy a game with pre order items offered > i receive them. Simple as that… but nope.

Still no answers from Gamestop CS via Email… Last time i’m ordering something from them, it’s not respectful to treat customers who pay $100 for a single game like that… despicable.

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Still No Answers at all from them.