Question about Free Play

So I’ve been going into free play to farm some xp and money. I’ll do a 50 lap race on the Daytona ring and usually when I’m done I’ll get a nice payout and around 5 cars from leveling up. Today I did it and around lap 35 I got bored and turned on super easy steering. When I finished the race I did not get the cars as rewards like I usually do. Has there been an update preventing you from getting cars in free mode or did I “dirty” the race by turning on super easy steering?

Rental Car?

You dirtied the race by turning on the super assists. Since the last update anytime you turn on any of the “Super Assists” the game withholds rewards even if you only run a few laps out of 50 with them on.

I do 1:00-2:00hr races on Indy for my grinding. The other day I did a little over 130 laps in my Nissan GTR FE.

If you run any laps on Super Easy steering without using the analogue sticks to steer, the game withholds any credits and rewards, although it still uses your mods. It’s to stop people rubber-banding the controller and grinding races without actually being there. You can get away with it on shorter races (3 or 4 laps) but anything longer and you’re outta luck.

Not aiming my comment at the OP but this makes me laugh people go buy a racing game then look for every way to not have to race. I am not surprised they disabled the payouts but I couldn’t believe you could do it in the first place. T10 should release a limited 100 only DLC of the Google Automated car they would make a fortune. Imagine those in the Auction House.

Sounds like #Forzathon material to me. LOL