Question about endurance racing

Yesterday I played and won my first endurance race which was really fun (Road Atlanta 100). I drove on 2nd place for most of the first half of the race and suddenly I was in 1st place without even noticing passing by number one. I don’t think I’ve mistaken him for one of the slower cars on track so he probably slipped off somewhere.

Now I wonder if I can see how close I am ahead (if I’m leading) or how far I’m behind (when I’m not leading) during the race. The only info displayed in the top right corner of the screen is your own lap times and best lap if I’m not mistaken.

Really loving endurance races though, very exiting especially with the proper mods and higher difficulty setting so that payouts are big. :slight_smile:

In hud settings you change toggle “distance to” option from multiplayer only to single player races as well to see how far ahead or behind you are


Didn’t know that, thanks!

Btw for other people that come to this forum, I’ve noticed that rewind doesn’t work while other cars are in the pits, so every once in a while go check on the menu screen if rewind is on. If you don’t see than drive conservative cause don’t be like me and 75% through Sebring 300 and crash and then have to restart the whole race.

You didn’t have to restart the whole race, for what it’s worth, you just had to wait until the pit lane was clear and then rewind.

bre you probably passed him while he was in the pits.

cha you dont need rewind, its an endurance race, its not like you dont have time to catch back up. just get back on the track and go get 'em.