Question about differentials

I’m curious if there is a functional difference in the differential options (meaning they perform differently) or if they are simply preconfigured in line with their intended function? I apologize if this has been asked somewhere else, if so I’ll gladly follow a link if one can be provided. Thanks!!

So far most people agree there is no difference; it’s just the pre-tune. We don’t have proof but there is a lot of evidence. One example: the offroad rating doesn’t change when changing your differential. It (in theory) should if it were changing things like preload.

There is a difference in stock differentials though. E-diffs and other forms of diffs to occur in the stock form of some cars. The game doesn’t tell you which ones though, and it will still give you greyed out numbers in the differential tuning section as if the car had a mechanical LSD. The Lotus Evija is a good example of this. I suspect a lot of people are finding that car unwieldy and undrivable because they are replacing the electronic drive-by-wire system with mechanical LSDs, when in fact it is a very intuitive and excellent drive. I highly recommend driving your build a bit before installing a LSD, just to see if it has some other system stock.

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This has been my feeling so far as well based on the tuning I’ve done so far. One example being the Offroad diff. It was set to 100 100 on the car I installed it to and when I change the settings to closer to what I normally use, it felt just like the normal race diff I usually use and set.

I can see this being much more common going forward with the newer generation of vehicles. I didn’t realize this either and it’s a great tip, thanks!

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