Question about a issue I'm having.

So first post here. Not sure if this is the right spot. But figure I’d ask here just to make sure. I have H2 on the xbox one. Started a second play through on another profile out of bordem. But problem is, if I try to save over a picture, it crashes out and puts me on the home screen. Same with trying to delete it. Anyone else have this issue? Also, tried to paint another car, and every time I tried to save it, it crashed out on me. Thanks in advance.

Hmm. Have you happened to try and perform a complete console shutdown by holding down the Xbox One’s power button (not the controller’s) until the console turns off? This will clear the system’s temporary memory cache which is known to fix odd glitches like these. Give that a try and reboot to see if the issue is resolved.

I have. For sure on the pictures part. It annoyed me so much the one time, I just turned the system off, that was couple weeks ago, and know i did a few hard resets/ hard shut offs since then. I haven’t tried to see if the paint thing straightened out. But only other suggestion someone told me somewhere else, was to uninstall and reinstall it and see if that helps. Don’t want to do that, but might have to.