Quest for the fastest kingmaker laptime

I’m currently on a quest to obtain the fastest kingmaker lap time. I’m currently second on the board with 2 seconds off of first. I’d love it if more of you came to join! There are only a little over 1.5 thousand recorded times on the S2 kingmaker rivals, it feels lonely.

One of my laps for anyone interested -

Nice driving. If your quest is for the fastest lap time then I know you can achieve it. Watching that video there are several places where you could improve your time.

I doubt I can compete with your time but giving it a drive never hurt. I might just have to build an S2 snow car and jump in the game.

Best of luck to you.

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Yeah give it a shot! It takes some practice but I’m sure you got it! As for an S2 snow car i’d suggest the acr or the vulcan. I haven’t tried the vulan yet but a lot of people higher up on the s2 leaderboard used it including the guy in first place.

I’m not as good in cockpit as I am in chase but I can give it a go! I’ll try to get it done tomorrow. I’ll also try to post some pointers on how to get a fast lap on the kingmaker ( although those tips can be applied to most of the other tracks in blizzard mountain )

yeah for sure. Then it will be a quest for the second fastest kingmaker laptime lol

Tkanks for sharing your video¡
Goood driving¡ Well done¡

Can you share another video with a different point of view, cockpit perhaps? It will provide more information for the players that have not reached this point of the game yet. Always trying to learn from good drivers.

Thanks¡ Good luck with your challenge¡
Enjoy Horizon.

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I rekon we will see Don Joewon Song at #1 before too long.