Quality Mode is WAY Fasterrrrr

So much for 60fps hype. Smooth is nice but faster is better. Turn 10 did must of done a masterful job with effects cuz I thought I’d go 60fps but noooope.
Also bought an Xbox One X just for this game.
Was going to ask in FH3 did they use the same effects? Does it feel as fast? Holy SHEEESH ] I am BLOWN away by this game.
Nothing compares.
Thanks for any input, answeres, thoughts, whatever

I just launched it and saw it was an either/or; high graphics or 60fps. Slightly disapointed but the guys at Turn10 know more about this sort of thing than I do. Think I’m going to opt for higher graphics :slight_smile:

Performance mode all the way for me. No input lag and I seriously don’t know what you mean quality is faster, 60fps on performance mode vs 30 on quality means exact opposite…

Driving with a wheel on quality mode is nearly impossible due to the input lag. On performance it’s feels excellent. My experience anyway…


I mean the car looks and feels like it going about 70% faster in quality mode. Soon as I hit above 110 or so , all the way up to. …I feel like I’m going 200mph , which I usually don’t in racing games. In 60 fps it just felt at least half as slow. Probably the way Horizon 3 felt faster than Forza 6. In the base game at 30fps it feels fassssst. 60fps takes away from that. imo.
Same way it looked it to me in the comparison videos.
Speed is in the effects turn 10 put in, or racing games put in, not soley the framerate. That smoother and gives you a .1 millisecond reaction but it doesnt feel faster at all to me.
I’ll play around with it more cuz literally EVERYONE tells me it the fps that make it faster.

I assume what you’re seeing, what is giving you the effect of speed, is the low frame pacing at 30fps.


exactly what im feeling… with 30 fps, speed sense is more realistic and it looks better imho. im playing with quality mode even tho i dont own a 4K tv lol…

You don’t have to own a 4K TV to enjoy quality mode (lol)…

Quality mode will provide a sharper image on your 1080p via supersampling and generally improve overall texture detail as well as visual effects in the game.

I know what you mean about the 30 fps thing BTW - it looks cinematic and kind of jerky which somewhat makes the game look faster. If you watch a fast and furious movie at 60 fps, the racing scenes would never look desirable or fast…

How do you switch between performance and quality mode?
just got my new XBOX one X and I do not know where to do it.

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In game menu > Settings > Display

Bought the one x a couple of days ago as I couldn’t keep playing the base console knowing I wasn’t getting the full experience. Motion blur was quite bad aswell on base Xbox.

Havn’t regretted it one bit. Still on 1080p but both graphic modes are outstanding. Been using performance more as it is so smooth and youtube vids dont even show how smooth it really is. Shaved 2 seconds off my monthly rival time in the Senna within 5 laps

Have to try this for myself, i haven’t try quality mode yet…

meh. forza has always been 30fps, and my 4k bravia demands a pristine image on it.
not sacrificing the eye candy for 60fps.

You can’t sacrifice something you don’t see. Yes, you have a 4K TV, but FH4 doesn’t run at 4K for the Xbox one or Xbox one X. So your point is completely invalid. I’d much rather play at a smooth 60FPS over a cheaply done upscale job from 1080p upto 2160.

I know facts stop debates cold, which ruins the chance to bicker, but any game that’s advertised in the Microsoft Store as 4K is native 4K (not upscaled).

The X1X will upscale titles like Forizon 3, but doesn’t need to upscale 4K games for, well, 4K.

Check out the “Capabilities” section for games in the Store. For example, FH4 (being a showcase game) supports so much that the native 4K almost gets buried in the list:

Forza Horizon 4 on the Microsoft Store.

FWIW, there’s a huge difference (which sucks - I wish everybody could play with all the goodies turned on). But it’s so much better than FH3 where we were simply stuck with 30fps. For some people, it’s about performance. For me, it’s that driving games at 30fps make me nauseated. Bump it up to 60fps, and everything’s dandy.

I prefer performance, but switch to quality for short periods just to experience it. Because… wow.

I enjoy your posts😃 You very stern and yet so pleasant and professional…you explain it in simple terms without making the one who reads it feel uneducated…they are very well written in my eyes!
Hard for someone to get upset when they are factually proven wrong so politely…well done!
How you explained the MitchyK9 post made it so I understood it better without feeling like I should have already knew this.

Thank you! I appreciate that.

I think I got the professional/stern tone from my time working at Microsoft.

I tend to write long posts, and I can get pretty caught up in things, but my heart’s in the right place :slight_smile:

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Sure it does. 4K OneX games are not upscaled at all but rendered in native 2160p.

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On the X? Of course it does, lol.

I swear you guys are desperate at this point. The only way you “cannot see the difference” is if you are severely shortsighted.

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There is a solution. Buy a good PC and have both 4K AND 60fps. :smirk:

nah, id rather own the game on disk than rent it on pc.

physical media on my shelf is far superior to a file on a hard drive. :wink:
(physical pc media is a coaster once installed)

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Tell me that when your drive stops reading, or your disc gets scratched. Physical media is going the way of the dinosaur. Digital is the future. Deal with it.

And I’d rather play the game at a far higher quality image and frame rate than have something shiny.