Qualifying- Are you able to qualify for race position in Forza 7

Having recently come from a PS4 (GTsport) to the Xbox (Forza) so I’m still discovering things with Forza 7. I like online racing with clean racers.

The normal process on every online racer I’ve tried (GT5,6 sport, pcars 1,2) is a short qualifying or practice session to decide the grid positions followed by a race.

I cannot seem to find this option anywhere. Am I missing something?

The short answer is, no. There is no qualifying in Forza. It’s a feature many have asked for, maybe the next version will have it.

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That’s disappointing… They are still supporting Forza 7?

Last I heard there won’t be a Forza Motorsport 8 for a while, as Turn 10 had suggested that the series will take a year off to focus on improving Forza Motorsport 7… well if they want something to improve it… “qualifying” and “public hosted lobbies” would seem a good place to start…

Oh yes, they’e still supporting it and working on trying to fix issues and make improvements constantly. The new Race Regulations will be rolling out in phases very soon, and the FFB settings have been updated a couple times now. I doubt we’ll see either of those items though. (The ones you mentioned above)

The way it works in Forza is that your lap times of your previous race determines the starting grid for the next race. A slow clean lap will place you in front of a fast dirty lap. Another tip is if you are just loading into a lobby for the first time you can do a test drive while waiting for the next race to start. It will use whatever lap time you set there to place you in the next race. If you put in a clean lap there you will usually start towards the front.

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I didn’t know that setting a time in test drive counted to your grid position in Multiplayer.

Maybe because i always used test drive the practice starts, adjust tune, etc. so i didn’t notice.

On that note it would be good if you spawned 1/4 track before the start /finish so can be better used for a flying lap,

A change name to “Practice & Qualifying” and a little Extra time between races would be welcome too…

We have been asking for Qualifying in single player for years, hopefully next Motorsport finally delivers this feature.

I’m thinking its more of a bug then a feature. T10 has never came out and said anything about it either way AFAIK.