Putting together a crew

Not sure if this in the correct place.

I and the community that I’m in [Starman Roleplay Gaming] want to put together a crew of casual and experienced drivers. We wish it to be a place where you can sell cars for a decent price, have fun racing or just enjoy driving around the map. We want it to be a place for everyone.

We don’t want it to be anything major, just something like a meet-up/cruise crew.

If you are interested please message me on xbox @- iJosshhyy & read below about us!

We are a multi-gaming community across PS4 and Xbox [PC if the game is on both platforms]. Don’t let the roleplay part of our name fool you, we do offer roleplay aspects in games but not all of our sections are set for RP. We are based on one discord server and try to offer many different types of causal and roleplay gaming under one community!