Putting a feeler out there - Ring Lobbies

As some of the older guys know I am a Ring Nut.

That being said. I am going to start hosting lobbies, if there is enough interest.

Gametimes would be M-F 6:00pm East Coast US -5GMT. Last until whenever. I know for the guys in Europe that is late, so if enough interest there we will figure something out on the weekends.

Classes will range from D-S. 2-Lap sprints

I have been testing cars in Rivals and Some have been shared


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What is up brother! Hope all is well. The times xCriMinaLx and I are on the Motorsport, we always end with a couple laps on the ring. Next time I’m on or the both of us are I’ll look for you.

I love the ring too. You know I’m not that fast, lol, but I love the tryin’!

Sorry knuckles for side tracking your thread a bit but I am curious…xDeadxZeppLiNx, if I remember correctly you made some NASCAR Oval tunes and was looking for some Oval lobbies to race in. In the hoppers they come up very rarely but that is my favorite kind of racing and I am in the top 20 world wide in all 5 true Ovals ( Daytona D, N…Homestead D, Rain…and Indy ) I would really like to find a group of oval racers to race with and not sure where to start.

Again Knuckles, sorry for the hijack and thanks to any response from anyone…

xDeaDxCriMinaLx is the guy you’re looking for with the oval stuff. He doesn’t get on the forums much so you may need to message him.

Thank you and happy racing.

I will be looking for you when I get on.

Dan no worries.

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