Push to online gaming

Dear PG/T10

Could you please stop trying to force me online?
I do not enjoy online gaming and no amount of pressure is going to make me do it.

When FH4 was released I was (to) quickly finished with the available races and stunts. But daily and weekly forzathons prolonged the live of the game considerably (I found the Super 7 disappointing, because popularity seemed more based on friend votes rather than quality)

With the release of FH5, the weekly forzathons have been expanded. Several of these are online, but hey, I can’t have it all my way, other people might like playing online. So the forzathon would still be a good thing. But what stings me, is that every week, at least one of the daily forzathons is now for online play. And with that, I’m always 1 or 2 points short for the second car.
Now I’ll survive without that 2nd car, but that little annoyance keeps returning every week. And last week , the photo challenge required that 2nd car (Peel) that was only available after online play. This series, two more cars are added which are only available after online play (the two Toyota’s) and that are a prerequisite for accolades in the changing world group. What do I care about an accolade? Not much if it is just to difficult or online. But this is an offline accolade with an unnecessary online prerequisite. And these online requirements for offline things bugs me.

People complain about the bugs in the game and I get that, but these will be fixed. But I’m afraid that this push towards online (not the option) is going to stay and is going to keep bugging me. And with that, it feels to me like FH5 gives me less that FH4 did.
A good game is not only a game with good gameplay, but also one without annoyances. And currently I’m annoyed on a weekly basis. Please keep the online bits online and the offline bits offline.

Yup, i agree BUT… nothing was done after all the player feedback in FH4. You should just get used to it and move on.
I know it takes away half of the motivation to play the game when you want a reward and you have to endure so many things we dont like to get it… but its what it is.
The devs just dont want their customers to have fun. It was apparent in FH4. Now its completely obvious in FH5.