Pure Frustration (Xbox 360)

Hello, before I start:

  2. I have written paragraphs on paragraphs about DLC this, Forza Rewards that. I don’t have Live and honestly could care less, but I was trying to help others (and I am getting it soon). Now this is something that actually made me want to walk up to Microsoft/Turn 10 and literally yell in their faces (well, something else but I don’t want to get banned haha!).
  3. This isn’t related to the topic below, but notice how the Bucket List challenges for X360 are given at one time, not 2 different lists like on XO. This probably means they don’t plan to support X360 with new Bucket lists as well.

In addition to the promo to FH2, they did a lot of “getting expectations up”. It had this, that, and the other thing. Facts for X360 started coming out, and it looked different, but in the same ballpark! But then I bought it. And oh my God. So many things are not there! It’s honestly worse than FH1 and such a disappointment. But like I said, it was just our hopes getting up. It’s bad, but not as bad as FALSE ADVERTISEMENT, which I am going to be talking about below!

Now, I had JUST finished the finale and I was so mad. Not because of the horrible AI that, even when I had on hard I literally lapped, not because of the VERY VERY low pay (I knew this was coming), and not because I am not able to choose the road trip, but because of the horrible false advertisement. Ben BLATANTLY says “Now you can choose where the road trip goes”. Now I wasn’t expecting the actual road trip feature, but basically a plot restart like on the XO version. Not happening. He comes on and basically says after the event “no one believes you actually won, beat every single event 10x to actually “win”.” That’s it. They copied scenes from the XO version, but then change it in-gameplay, for no reason. I am honestly so so mad right now just writing this. A full on lie. Nothing else.

So, moving on, I do one of the races! And while I do it I smash into Ben head-on in my blue 370Z. I pretend he is dead. I’m starting to feel less mad, then the end screens come up. It is glitching (again) It says I finished 4/4 in a road trip (which I am not EVEN IN!), and I am in San GIvimani (or something along the lines with an M and too many I’s). No, I’m not kidding, not San Giovanni, but San GIvimani. At this point I am SO mad. This isn’t even a glitch, it’s just someone being so LAZY that they type in non-sense! Infuriating.

Moving backwards to the first paragraph, this is not the first time XO scenes have been copied & pasted into gameplay where it is not true. When introducing the mechanic “Ashely” she says she can upgrade, TUNE, ect. ect. This was at the beginning, and I was so excited! Tuning?! Well than I went into the hub and found nothing. Looked on the forums, and it turns out that it had (once again), just been a copy and paste situation. UGH!

Please reply to this with any/all IN-GAME (not DLC ect.) frustrations you have and maybe T10 will notice. Also there is an online petition going around for people to sign (going to the CEO of XBOX) asking them to make FH2 for X360 better. I can’t paste the link here, but look for it and you will see it.

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Nope. Turn 10 isn’t going to reply or even notice. Just like all the other similar threads. The details were released before hand if you looked. You were not scammed or ripped off.

They really don’t care about X360 and I don’t blame them. It’s dated and not capable of running the software. The only reason they even made a watered down 360 version is because MS wants to milk every last penny they can out of the platform.


A few things:

They released a game on the x360, and is it horrible I want them to support it? Turn 10 is known for that, but apparently customer service does not matter.

And not all of the details were released pre- or at launch. That’s a straight lie.
And why did you feel the need to come on here and tell me that you don’t care about the 360 and no one should to? This is my opinion and I am hoping T10 comes through. That’s all. And you are totally right about them sucking every. last. penny.

This is true, BUT I am getting Live very soon, & the posts about DLC ect were to (like I said) help others who did have Live and felt scammed.

Then don’t come on here, much less post.

As camaroguy said, some things were told before release. I’m glad there is no tuning on 360, I prefer to just jump on and play when I have the time. I was not expecting there to be no public free roam for the 360 version though. It might have been stated, i’m not sure. That was the main reason for getting it. It would be nice if the bugs will be fixed in the near future, have posted in the thread so hoping. Dlc would be nice but, we do have a lot of cars to play with. It was a good game overall, finally got to drive all the new hyper cars =D, just got bored after hitting lvl 507 in first week or so. If they put it back like fh1 that would be awesome, lobbies for free roam and other game types. Maybe some of that wheelspin also lol.

There’s already a thread for 360 users which state similiar stuff.

And? I see plenty of similar posts for issues on the XB1. Do you police those as well?

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Are you the OP? Dont get a hissy fit. And what similar posts, if you look carefully you’d see they get merged. The sticked thread titled Forza Horizon for xbox 360 should be for exactly that, it can’t have been made clearer. It’s not “policing” to state the obvious.

The whole rant is void; if you haven’t got Live, why post an opinion about updates, DLC, improvements and what not. Chances of getting them and actually downloading them are 0 both ways.

Since OP hasn’t got Live, I am unsure when/how soon FH2 was purchased but from the posts leading up to release-day, I think it was more than obvious the 360-version was left out on all fronts, not in the least place 0 (yes, zero) previews/reviews were posted by community-members, review-sites and other “leading” websites. So, there was a decision to be made/had before going out to a store, buying FH2-360 and playing it.

I am curious however; while T10 is possibly the intellectual owner of the Forza series, the development/publishing was done by other companies. Sumo Digital is “responsible” for executing (pun intended) the FH2-360 and their website was updated drum roll in June for the last time. Now call me dumb, but a developer not promoting/pushing/supporting his/her own product, is another sign something might not be quite right with it.

Anyhow, those were my 2 cents.


Have a look at the Playground Games website. I believe we collectively do not know the exact split of roles between PG and Turn 10 and therefore the same applies to the Sumo situation.

But how many people looked at the PG or Sumo website in the lead up to these games?

I believe the 360 users have a point, after all the game was not sold as a budget title.

The only issue is whether they are going the right way about trying to get what they want and whether they are realistic about it.

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I agree. Kind of feels like Turn 10/Playground games or whatever abandoned the 360 users in a way, but that’s ok, though. Just money they lost out on from a potential customer.

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Very true. And not taking away from the people that indeed post solid arguments (in writing or between the lines) but I think most of us can agree that a lot of posts/arguments are written in such a way, I can understand if “the responsible devs” think twice about responding, let alone prematurely talk about upcoming fixes/patches.

Couldn’t. It’s couldn’t care less.

Black Friday is in a few weeks. Time for all you guys on the decade old console to upgrade.

Or do this. Xbox One for $250

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Looks good, man. I’d have to go the online route, can’t say I’m a fan of fighting people just to get inside the store for a limited supply.

I agree. I don’t do Black Friday at all. The following Monday is “cyber Monday”. I feel bad for you 360 guys lol. Just trying to throw options out there for those that might not have $500 for one normally.