The Forza Horizon needs a regressive timer system for those who cut paths, for example: whoever leaves the track and stays for more than 5 seconds activates a countdown timer, whoever goes beyond this limit goes back to the checkpoint

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No thank, penalizing corner cutting fits motorspot but not in horizon imo. And how often you can even cut track so mutch that you spent more than 5 seconds of the road?

And one really bad thing abaout that kinda system would be when somebody knock you out of track where you allready lose lots of time and then you get punished even more if you dont get on track on time because reseting in this game is so damn slow.


No thanks as well. There is already a penalty for missing check points in races. For some of the other events, it is not possible to complete the task without thinking outside the box and taking an alternate path.

I agree with V12 SprungBoss… save the penalties for Motorsports. Horizon is supposed to be fun.

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What problem are you trying to solve with this?

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There is no path, there is only checkpoints.


The checkpoints are the path, I love jumping across the island on Goliath.


Technically there’s no corner cutting in Forza Horizon because you’re free to choose whatever paths or routes that work best for you, as long as you drive through the check points you aren’t breaking any rules. I know some might argue if for example it’s a road race then you shouldn’t be allowed to go offroad. But adding these limits would make Horizon too similar to Motorsport and would that huge open world would be a waste.


I am with others. Being open road with different surfaces, there really isnt corner cutting. There is something fun about cutting tight over the flags to pass.

The balance to this is improvements to drivertars and attentive checkpoint layout. While cutting corners tight I find fun, the negative is if there is something in the route that is more like a mariocart shortcut. Those are more of what needs to be watched for.

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Never going to happen and should not for Horizon.


NOPE! Its Horizon bro…not Motorsport and I prefer Horizon over Motorsport for that fact. Different scenery, not the same old tracks over and over