Puddle improvement suggestions

After playing the demo a few times, and getting really hyped for the full release, I noticed something about the puddles. They are great except for one thing. They aren’t actual puddles. Let me explain. They just look like puddles, they are just a puddle-looking paint so to speak on the map. When you drive over them slowly, you just drive on top of the puddle looking area. Same with the tire marks. If you do a burnout out of a puddle, the tires marks are ON TOP of the puddle. Very disappointing. In order for a puddle to be a puddle, there needs to be water pooled there to drive THROUGH, not ON TOP of. I was expecting to see the puddle (some of which are HUGE and DEEP looking) be a couple inches up the tire of my car, but no. Also the CONES on the side of the track sit ON TOP of the puddles! LOL! I saw some cones sitting “in” a puddle and some not in a puddle beside eachother, and the ones “in” the puddle weren’t submerged at all! I’m hoping this will be fixed for the full game, or that these “puddles” are only like this for the demo.


Good catch! Hopefully they address this.

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Good catch. I don’t think it will be any different in the final build. T10 would have to go back and rewrite tons of code to fix that issue. It’s not really going to bother me from a graphical standpoint only because we’re going by the puddles so quickly. I am really impressed with how well they implemented the puddles within the physics. I was really surprised to see just how quickly puddle would pull you off the track. spot on IMHO.

Yeah the realism of going through them at speed is very good, I’m just saying that they aren’t actual puddles that submerge your tires/wheels. It’s really noticeable with the cones though. All the cones sit at the same level even when there’s a puddle. You shouldn’t be able to see the base of a cone if it’s in a puddle

Whoa… Didn’t notice that, but hey I was not looking for it. Good catch.

Darn it now that is going to bother me every time I see it…Stop finding these flaws people XD

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It is very clear the water on the track is quite static and unrealistic. Yes, the “puddles” cause a loss of traction, but your tires don’t in any way displace the water and cause it to slosh into adjacent areas of the track.
I think the rain in general is a waste of time and was only added to appease an overly vocal minority.

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