[PTG] World's History Livery Contest

Hi Everyone! We are starting our World History Livery Competition!

A quick note:

  • Theme for the comp is World’s History. While historical racing liveries do fall into this category, please note that we will not take into account replica accuracy or specific livery significance in the judgement. This is not a replica contest so artistic style and overall beauty will have precedence.

Entries possible here or on PTG Discord

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Nice Im In. Just a question: when will be designs Features from last comp? Mine is not so far.

I’ll notify you guys. I only submitted winners on Friday so expect the prizes to be distributed (and paints featured) either tomorrow or on Tuesday. I’ll post in the comp thread once it’s done so everyone’s aware.

Right up my street this is, IN!

My Entry,

Guy Fawkes
1965 ford transit
i1 Purge 1i
Share code : 377 286 316

I have corrected the small error on this photo - the share code is for the correct paint haha
The 600 word speech from V for Vendetta is on the top ( twice ) haha, that was loooong.


Great job Purge!

cant wait to see your ideas guys! but nice paint Purge! nice start for this comp.

hello artists, i chose the conquest of the moon as a theme, i hope i can release something decent

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Haha looks like we had the same idea! Not sure i’ll have enough time though on this one so I may have to gracefully bow out of this one! I’ll be looking out for yours though bro, I know it will be super!

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ha ha no worries Gr333nz, great minds meet, I have no problem that we took the same subject, if the judges agree keep your original idea

Good luck folks, if you want a sticky for a bit Quadro, let me know

The contest finishes on Sunday folks, don’t forget to submit your entry before the end :wink:

Here is my entry. For some reason I chose Ancient Egypt (there are other topics in history I’m more interested in, but I think I was clicking through the channels and saw something on the pyramids on the Discovery Channel so went with it). Any comments (good or bad) would be appreciated. Always looking to improve my work.

Gamer Tag: ViperousRhyme84
Car: 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT
Share Code: 923 750 129


Nice Egypt theme

Theme : Native Americans
Jeep Grand Cherokee 2014
GT : Griotte88
Code : 414 329 109

The paint supports all bodywork changes


Wow! This is gorgeous!

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Top work again Griotte!
Kinda glad I’m not entering this one now. That’s a high standard for anyone to compete against.

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Absolutely gorgeous. One of the best pieces of work I’ve seen.

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I think I know who will win haha.

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Thank you, glad you like the theme.