[PTG] Wolverine double pack C500 1971 AMC Javelin+ A700 Cadillac CTS-V, Top100's

Ok so its release time again here at PTG and boy do we have a complete beast of a double pack for you. we are pleased to offer up a 1971 AMC Javelin-AMX Built up to C500, also we have the real animal of the 2 cars the 2011 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe built up to A700. These 2 cars have been tuned by PTG Mesasphere.Out of the 2 cars the javelin is the more friendly. In my opinion the javelin is one of the finest muscle cars I have ever driven in any of the Forza series I do believe it to be as good if not better then the Palerider Pontiac tribute car back in FM2. The Cadillac is a complete animal of a car and for you less experienced drivers out there I would recommend getting used to this car by using TCS, after sometime though I would say make sure you give this car a spin with no assists, if you manage to master this car without any assists it really can feel like one of the most rewarding cars you will drive in Forza 5. Now time to mention the 2 awesome liveries that these 2 cars come with, painted by PTG Mesasphere’s missus Terri, she has delivered not 1 but 2 absolute stunning Wolverine designs for these cars. As you can see by the pictures these 2 cars complement each other superbly.

• Paints: PTG Mesasphere
• Tunes: PTG Mesasphere
• Photos: PTG Curtis & PTG Coops & iFSU Beetfarmer
• Artwork: PTG Coops & PTG Curtis
• Release: 12/07/2014
• Description Search: PTG

AMC Javelin
Bathurst: 2.21.839 #108
Cataluna GP: 2:02.677 #228
Cataluna Nat: 1:21.509 #281
Indy GP: 1:34.486 #69
Bugatti: 1:53.188 #122
Nordschliffe + GP: 10:01.888 #25
Nordschilffe: 7:48.686 #51
Nurburgring GP: 2:17.111 #118
Prague full: 2:06.923 #254
Prague short: 1.04.328 #102
Road America Full: 2:25.035 #85
Road America Full Alt: 2:33.992 #91
Road America West: 1:23.813 # 161
Road America West Alt: 1:32.329 #129
Road Atlanta Full: 1:32.797 #159
Sebring Full: 2:21.878 #127
Sebring Short: 1:20.928 #114
Sebring Club: 1:11.939 # 132
Silverstone GP: 2.21.032 #88
Silverstone Nat: 1:02.353 #106
Yas Marina Full: 2:29.610 #93
Yas North: 1:18.849 #109
Yas South: 1:07.770 #116
Yas Alt: 2:12.077 #67
Yas North Alt: 1.01.805 #175
Airfield: 1:04.593 #178

RA Full: 2:11.055#258
RA Full Alt: 2:19.448 #240
RA East: 1:02.682 #170

Photos by PTG Coops & PTG Curtis & iFSU Beetfarmer

From all of us at Pendulum Tuning

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Nice designs.

Great paint jobs…will have to check out the tunes as well…

Thanks for the comments guys. :slight_smile:

Great paints and cars both look awesome pity i’m not getting this game…

good to see these two cars shared,

the cadillac is a monster, get it right and deffo rewards you, fits the wolverine theme very well

and the javelin drives just perfect.

Haven’t tried the Caddy yet but WOW that Javelin handles nice! Super super job

Glad you enjoyed the Javelin buddy, it really is a great car. :slight_smile:

I see some nice art and tunes in this topic…

Yet again, Mesa and his private painter :wink: delivered two great cars.

Kudos to his small team.



Will pick both up soon. Nice work guys.