PTG Stuzib85's paints and stuff

Hey guys!

Im back on the Forza forums, and I’m gunna get this started with a special project…

Should be back later with something really cool :slight_smile:

Also, I u have the chance, u should come check out my painting tutorial, tonight (Wednesday), at 9pm UK

Speak soon…

PTG Stuzib85


Yeah - I was wondering where you’d gone!

Congrats on hitting the papers in sunny Scotland with your GT livery - impressive stuff.

Looking forward to seeing what gems you come up with in FM6



Slight delay with the launch of my new project, I will post it as soon as I can.

In the meantime, here’s some pictures for u :grinning:

All my paints are available to download. Search PTG Stuzib85.

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I like must keep watch on this thread for some awesome paints…

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About time Stu!

Expecting good things


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Cheers man!
Hopefully u won’t be disappointed…:wink:

Too much time on Twitter :wink:

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Truly beautiful work Stu. I’d be talking more about something else of course, but I’m having issues getting onto the PTG forums at the moment. Excellent liveries so far!

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Cheers man.
I’m having issues with PTG forums too, so haven’t been on all week.

Looking forward to seeing more of that MGSV paint, good work.

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Hi Stu! Welcome back. Wait to see more of your liveries, i’ll bring MGS on Mazda soon :slight_smile:

ciao ciao

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After some slight delays,

Here is my special project!

Created as a collaborative piece with myself and AKA FFA, this is our Kimi Raikkonen livery.

The car on the side, and the background, we’re created by me, and the portrait and helmet were painted by AKA FFA, making good use of his expertise at portrait pieces.

This was made possible by me visiting AKA FFA’s home and signing myself in on his Xbox. This allowed him to paint on my account.

This was also a collaborative project on the tuning side too.
PTG worked hard to sort out a tune for the car, and whilst the tune is shared under PTG TY1ER WARD, it was tuned with help from PTG ROSNY, another amazing PTG tuner.

With a set up made for Monza, it suits the car’s heritage and theme perfectly.

Here is the launch video for the car, kindly made by PTG Mesasphere.

Thanks for reading this.

Search PTG Stuzib85 for the paint and PTG TY1ER WARD for the tune. Please remember to “Like” anything that you download

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Wow mate, stunning work!

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That my friend is a thing of beauty! First on the download list this evening. Well done to one and all

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Thank you! I will pass on yr praise :grinning:

Hey guys,

Hope u liked the PTG Kimi 458 :slight_smile:

Another shared paint for you…

This is my entry for the Halloween Bash, my Resident Evil Infiniti Q60.

This livery is also available on the Nissan R34 Skyline.

Search PTG Stuzib85 to download. Please remember to “Like” everything :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, until next time

This is Crazy Stu, blown away everytime i see it.

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Spotted this in the Bash thread, very nice.

The Kimi car looks stunning - great work on that chaps

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Quality work Stu, you and FFA did a great job on the Kimi paint, videos good too. GOing to have to remember to pick up Rosnys tune for it too

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Here’s a custom one-off livery I did for AKA FFA, as it was his birthday a few days ago :slight_smile: