[PTG] - Official FM7 Catalogue + Open Source Tunes (Updated 04/05/18)

Welcome To The Official Forza Motorsport 7 Pendulum Tuning Release Catalogue.

We have been around since FM1 days but only started Pendulum Tuning back in 2011. I Used to run Spot Performance back in 2007-2011 which some of the old timers will remember!

We are a bunch of good guys from across the World (United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland + More) who provide awesome tuned and painted cars for your driving pleasure! These cars are tuned by some awesome tuners who make sure the cars drive as best as possible and also help you get round the track faster to brag to your friends. Along with that epic tune our painters will pop thousands of vinyls on your car to make some surreal artwork! These may be Replica’s or Fantasy designs. Check out the catalogue below!

  • If the car has a Homolagation tune you will find a H after the tune’s PI, for example ‘A700H’.

Our cars are catagorised into Class order so please see the class headers at the top to determine which class they are in. Within the artwork it will tell you who tuned it and if there is a paint it will also tell you that. Eventually we would like all of our cars released to come with paints so keep your eyes peeled!

A full up to date members list can be found >> HERE <<

If you need to contact a senior member of PTG Please contact any of the Below:

Admins: PTG Coops / PTG Dan0 408 / PTG Ducky / PTG Stuzib85

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X Class

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P Class

Coming Soon!

R Class

S Class

A Class

B Class

C Class

D Class

E Class

F Class

Drift Spec

Open Source

Open-Source tunes are cars we have tuned for you but we keep the setup open so you can make your own changes such as brake pressure, aero, tyre pressure etc so it suits your driving style. If you make any changes and helps the car please post up and share with others. We appreciate your feedback especially if it helps everyone!

To find the open-source setups please just click on the image, it will take you straight to the post on our forum with the whole setup there! Whilst there feel free to register an account. Its free and easy and we also will be adding exclusive forum only content. We also run competitions and leagues there too! Enjoy.





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Been running, chasing, tuning with you guys for I cant remember how long. errr SPOT lol

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I tried out your Chevy cruise tune it goes good. Easy too run consistent lap times i must of gotten 5 Top 10s not that’s it’s too hard this early on. You have made a typo though it’s S class not A class

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Ahhh thanks for the heads up on the typo… (Artwork needs to be changed anyway to remove the White Background :wink:

and glad you like it and got numerous top 10 times!

Be looking forward to your tunes guys, been away since fm4 , but I always respected PendulumTuning and you guys…Dig (TweakyTuned)

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Hey dig!!!

Loving the blasts from the pasts here. PTG have been quite quiet on these forums since FM6 so looking to get out there a bit more again!


Hey there Coops,
I am so glad the PTG folks are planning on being quite active on FM7!
I have been looking so forward to driving your tunes. The end of FM6 got very stale ( if you shouted on the PTG forums you could hear your echo if you listened close ).
I have actually made a Special paint scheme for my cars so that I can identify which cars have the PTG tunes on them. I am nearing 200 cars and that way I can identify which cars have the PTG tunes at a glance. If I have 8 cars that are eligible I know at a glance which ones have a PTG tune on them…now I really have to work on getting to be a better, faster driver but that’s on me😃
I still race mostly offline but I am venturing online a little more. I am planning on playing more online with the leagues when they are installed, at least for now but I do venture online some now but usually get schooled as my driving skills are not as good as many others…still fun though.

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Hey Dan,

Yes we are always around, just more on our own channels. FM6 was very quiet but like you said we plan to be more active on here now so im sure lots of new guys and old timers like yourself will enjoy our cars!

So whats the tip to Spot a PTG car, sounds interesting :slight_smile: Would love to see the paint scheme!

I am not very good with tech…LOL. That bring said I am not sure how to post a picture of my designs.
I have the Ferrari 488 GTB design shared. It is searchable with " checkered flag " as the description. Perhaps you can download it and Check it out…simple but looks nice. A very good friend of mine raced at our local track and I helped sponsor him. This was the design he had on his car and I always liked it so I finally made it a reality. I felt my favorite tunes should get my favorite designs😃
I have 2 made for Rosny’s 2015 Audi TTS…one " checkered flag " and one " checkered flames " it has flames coming out of the front wheel wells…LOL
I am not a very good painter but I try to make them look nice…simple but nice.
I have several designers similar to this made and shared online but I try not to put them on my car until it has a PTG tune on it.
I have a very nice similar design for the 65 Shelby Cobra 427 waiting…any chance of a PTG tune for it in the near future??? I would love that as its one of my favorite cars and I have not found a tune I like at all.

I paint my PTG tuned cars bright green until I get my design made for it. That way I know what cars are waiting for my PTG reference paint design…currently have 15 more to paint. You guys are keeping me busy painting and I LOVE it!
I currently have 9 painted in that style. I just started painting actual designs for the first time in FM7 and really like doing it but man is it time consuming. Hours just fly by.
Let me know what you think of the designs if you get a chance to check them out😉

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Thats wicked!

im so glad we keep you busy! Ill ask some of the guys to see if they have a shelby in the making or want to do one for you!

Thanks a bunch Coops…for the Shelby tune you are helping with and everything the PTG folks do to make this game more enjoyable!

Updated Catalgoue