[PTG] No Time To Die Livery Contest - WINNERS POSTED!

Hey fellow painters! With RCC being wrapped up now, it’s time for another great competition! And so:

PTG proudly presents!

The new livery contest for all fans of James Bond and 007 franchise!

Grab one of the James Bond cars, wrap it into 007-themed livery and share for the world to see (and for the chance to win one of the prizes!).

Contest details:

All in-game prizes are courtesy of Turn10.

Note on the prizes: Cars cannot be DLC or PO cars (like always in Forza contests).

Important links:

PTG Twitter
PTG Discord

Post your work in progress here or just let us know that you’re in!

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Well if you’ll have me , I’d like to give this a whirl!..

Gawd help me what I have done… LOL


Everyone is welcome mate!

I had to work through a severe case of painter’s block to get my RCC entry in on time and promised myself some time off painting… but… I’ve had a particular 007 design on my ‘to do’ list for such a long time… :thinking:

I always like to support Community run Comps as much as I can because I appreciate the effort that goes into them so I’ll give it a week or so & hopefully I’ll get some mojo back. Also props to Mr Fade for taking the plunge, hope more people throw their hat into the ring.


I’m glad this “but” is there mate! Your RCC entry is a beast, as was your Gears paint so looking forward to some 007 awesomeness! :slight_smile:

Some excellent WIPs are flying around our Discord but there’s still a lot of time for everyone to join the party!

Keep them coming guys!

Some of the Vinyls I’ve been doing up for this.
No secret now what movie I’m going with.

Took the font source from a french DVD re-release.

Have a couple of more to create then I can start to put the design together.
Sorry for the crappy pics–snapped them on the ole phone…

Still don’t know which car I’ll use yet–leaning a bit towards the Esprit , Moonraker was one of the few JB movies that didn’t have a “special car”

Cheers All!


That all looks really good Mr Fade! I can’t wait to see how you put all of those images on the car!

Nice, those look really good!

Going to have to agree with the two posts before me Mr Fade. Very well done. Also one of my favorite Roger Moore as Bond films.

Hi guys, here is my entry to the comp😊

Nice vinyls Mr. Fade - especially that moon!!!

Hadn’t seen that cheeky portrait you put on the bonnet, Sinner - nice one!

While I’m here…… been meaning to ask; what’s the PROJECT 2020 logo I keep seeing about? Googled it earlier but it came up with quite a variety of sites… is it specifically a PTG thing relating to Forza/gaming?

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Yeah, it’s PTG thing :slight_smile: Within Project 2020 we release content every day through whole of 2020. Photos, liveries, videos - you name it. But every single day there’s something new for Forza community from PTG team.

Aah, cheers Quadro - cool concept :+1:t5:

Im gonna make my entry

Car: Aston Martin DBS 2008 James Bond Edition Share code: 133 137 969


Stunning works guys! Can’t wait to see more! :slight_smile:

Classy entries !
Really like how clean the designs are .

Happy to see some more work in here too !
Hope to have something more to post soon.

Cheers !

Some pics of how it is shaping up.
Still lots of detail work to do.

Question – Is there a way to get 2 different finishes with masks. I kinda like the mask I have on the 007 and JB silhouette. But also want a carbon fiber on the bottom of the shuttle

Have a lot of layer hunting to do as well as I’m pretty maxed out ATM…

It all looks good! You can’t do 2 completely different finishes with a mask. You could do silver, and gold, but not far different finishes.

hi artists, I hadn’t seen this painting competition after the RCC. There are some nice entries already :slight_smile: but for my part this theme does not attract me too much for lack of ideas and above all I have a lot of projects in the works. Good competition for organizers and participants