PTG - Hot Lap Competition 17 - (OPEN)

How Many PTG Members Can You Beat??


Track: Bernese Alps Festival Reverse

Cars: 2013 Subaru BRZ

Class: D400

Tune: Must use tune by PTG Brains titled ‘Alps 3/Alps SR’’. Search PTG in description to find it

Assists: Any are allowed

Times: There are a number of PTG members that have set times already for you to take on including PTG Muiry, PTG W4RLOCK, PTG Benny, PTG Brains and PTG Coops. Please add them on XBL to make it easier for you to find them on the Friends leaderboard page. How many PTG members can you beat?


Monday 19th June midnight (GMT)


Your car must meet the requirements in the Information tab above.

No Wall riding / corner cutting

Dirty laps are allowed BUT Clean laps will always be higher position

You must post up here with your laptime and gamertag once set a time

Anyone is allowed to enter

Laptimes must be posted between the start day of this thread and the deadline day above. (Previous LB times do not count)

How to verify lap if not PB:

As soon as you are happy with your laptime pause the game so we can see your laptime and then say “Xbox/Hey Cortana Record That” to your TV. What this will do is record the last 30 seconds so we can see your laptime on the pause screen and also shows the Class you ran too. Then once recorded post up here with your gamertag so we can check it. Keep your clip until after the Final results have been posted.

Double tapping the Xbox Button, and either pressing X for a 30 second video capture or pressing Y for a screenshot will also work. Post your clip or screenshot below.


Bragging rights - Can you become top dog

Could only find a BRZ tune from PTG Brains titled “Alps 3”, so assumed that was the one.

Never raced this track before, so whatever time set will be a personal best. Tried a few laps and at 2:06.6 which seems about 2.5 seconds off, so will have a few more to learn the ways of the track.


Nice work Riptide, and yes that is the correct tune.

Well my time has been beaten already by JSR Devon and RBM Yachts.

Make sure to post your times here, and good luck :slight_smile:

Thanks Benny. Found 2 seconds so down to 2:04.7 now with more time left on track - should make 2:03’s, but be shy of my country mate JSR Devon. Will have one more go before leaving abroad for 10 days and to return June 20th just after your challenge closed. Thanks for setting this up, nice to learn new tracks and cars.


The time to beat is a 2.02.898 set by HKS Mr Bucket :slight_smile:

I wish…lol.

So far I have managed a PB 2:04.633 while using PTG Brains most excellent tune.

Fun stuff!!

Nice going there Costless Cape!

Updated leaderboard below (top 15) - there is still time to improve your lap time so make sure to give it another go. HLC closes midnight 19th June UK time.

Can anyone beat the fastest time set by HKS Mr Bucket of 2.02.787??

HKS Mr Bucket 2.02.787
PTG Benny 2.02.900
RBM Yachts 2.02.906
JSR Devon 2.03.071
PTG Brains 2.03.483
Mesaphere 2.03.759
GDR Monk 2.04.143
ScholesySlash46 2.04.330
LMP Riptide 2.04.379
CostlessCape92 2.04.633
K3NXbox 2.04.647
GDR Burro 2.04.716
FuzzyBunny73 2.04.806
FuzzyBunny74 2.04.902
PTG Coops 2.04.940

Final results leaderboard (top 10)

HKS Mr Bucket 2.02.787
PTG Benny 2.02.900
RBM Yachts 2.02.906
JSR Devon 2.03.071
PTG Brains 2.03.261
Mesaphere 2.03.759
GDR Burro 2.03.991
GDR Monk 2.04.005
ScholesySlash46 2.04.330
LMP Riptide 2.04.379

Thank you to everyone that participated in HLC 17, there were so many fast times set over the last two weeks. One person was even able to set the World Number 1 time using an Unknown tune in the Subaru BRZ. We may have inspired him.

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Thanks for putting on the event. It made me a better driver. Looking forward to future events.

Yeah. Was great and learned a new car and track [new for me]. Pitty I missed the last 2 weeks or so while abroad, but look forward to the next one.