[PTG] A700 - 2003 Ferrari 360CS (24 top 50 times) Out Now!

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Our first Official FM5 Release and its not going to disappoint thats for sure. This Ferrari 360CS is tuned to A700 by PTG Claret and its great fun and a pleasure to drive. The car was tuned round Catalunya GP but performs very well on all tracks, a great all rounder. GR33KSNIP3R has ran it on all 47 Tracks and got PB’s on all tracks beating our other A700 Open-Source GTO tune by Rosny. Then we have to paint, its just stunning. Originally i was meant to be painting it but then my controller decided to die on me, so whilst i was sorting that out we hired a new painter MEXIC075. His paints are amazing and a great addition to the team, feel free to check his paint thread HERE. MEXIC075 took on the paint and did a superb job at this Replica. So welcome to the team mate. You can find more information, laptimes, photos etc below.

Paint: Mexic075
Tune: PTG Claret
Photos: Bickel
Artwork: PTG Coops
Price: Free
Release: 01/03/2014

#LB Position - Laptime - Track (Driver)
#025 - 01:14.9 - Road America West Route (GR33KSNIP3R)
#025 - 00:29.9 - TopGear West Circuit Reverse (GR33KSNIP3R)
#025 - 00:56.2 - Test Track Airfield Airfield Circuit (GR33KSNIP3R)
#028 - 00:34.1 - TopGear East Circuit Reverse (GR33KSNIP3R)
#028 - 00:46.7 - TopGear Outer Loop Reverse (GR33KSNIP3R)
#029 - 01:23.6 - Road America West Route Alternate (GR33KSNIP3R)
#030 - 02:14.5 - Yas Marina Circuit Full Circuit (GR33KSNIP3R)
#032 - 01:09.9 - TopGear Full Circuit (GR33KSNIP3R)
#032 - 00:30.2 - TopGear West Circuit (GR33KSNIP3R)
#035 - 01:59.8 - Yas Marina Circuit Corkscrew (GR33KSNIP3R)
#036 - 00:47.7 - TopGear Outer Loop (GR33KSNIP3R)
#036 - 00:56.6 - Prague Short Reverse (GR33KSNIP3R)
#039 - 01:13.8 - Circuit de Catalunya National Circuit (GR33KSNIP3R)
#039 - 01:52.9 - Prague Full Reverse (GR33KSNIP3R)
#040 - 00:57.3 - Prague Short (GR33KSNIP3R)
#041 - 00:34.8 - TopGear East Circuit (GR33KSNIP3R)
#042 - 00:55.5 - Yas Marina Circuit North Corkscrew (GR33KSNIP3R)
#043 - 01:01.2 - Yas Marina Circuit South Circuit (GR33KSNIP3R)
#044 - 02:19.0 - Road America Full Circuit Alternate (GR33KSNIP3R)
#044 - 02:06.8 - Silverstone Racing Circuit Grand Prix Circuit (GR33KSNIP3R)
#044 - 01:11.0 - Yas Marina Circuit North Circuit (GR33KSNIP3R)
#045 - 00:56.2 - Road Atlanta Club Circuit (GR33KSNIP3R)
#047 - 01:05.2 - Silverstone Racing Circuit International Circuit (GR33KSNIP3R)
#050 - 00:44.3 - Circuit de Catalunya School Circuit (GR33KSNIP3R)
#052 - 01:19.0 - Bernese Alps Club Circuit Reverse (GR33KSNIP3R)
#054 - 01:46.3 - Bernese Alps Festival Circuit Reverse (GR33KSNIP3R)
#054 - 01:53.2 - Prague Full (GR33KSNIP3R)
#057 - 01:25.8 - Indianapolis Motor Speedway Grand Prix Circuit (GR33KSNIP3R)
#058 - 01:26.8 - Bernese Alps Stadtplatz Reverse (GR33KSNIP3R)
#065 - 02:10.9 - Road America Full Circuit (GR33KSNIP3R)
#068 - 01:50.9 - Circuit de Catalunya Grand Prix Circuit (GR33KSNIP3R)
#069 - 02:23.7 - Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps Modern Circuit (GR33KSNIP3R)
#073 - 01:12.9 - Sebring International Raceway Short Circuit (GR33KSNIP3R)
#083 - 00:56.2 - Silverstone Racing Circuit National Circuit (GR33KSNIP3R)
#091 - 01:19.0 - Bernese Alps Club Circuit (GR33KSNIP3R)
#091 - 02:08.2 - Mount Panorama Circuit Main Circuit (GR33KSNIP3R)
#099 - 01:42.7 - Le Mans Circuit de la Sarthe Bugatti Circuit (GR33KSNIP3R)
#100 - 01:44.8 - Bernese Alps Festival Circuit (GR33KSNIP3R)
#102 - 02:07.8 - Sebring International Raceway Full Circuit (GR33KSNIP3R)
#113 - 01:23.6 - Road Atlanta Full Circuit (GR33KSNIP3R)
#125 - 01:26.2 - Bernese Alps Stadtplatz (GR33KSNIP3R)
#130 - 01:05.3 - Sebring International Raceway Club Circuit (GR33KSNIP3R)
#181 - 01:05.1 - Road America East Route (GR33KSNIP3R)
#210 - 04:12.3 - Le Mans Circuit de la Sarthe Full Circuit (GR33KSNIP3R)
#216 - 00:53.3 - Indianapolis Motor Speedway The Brickyard Speedway (GR33KSNIP3R)

Greek’s Corner is a bit more information and feedback during/after running the Car.

What a fun car to drive, and so fast. It has so much grip in the corners and turns in sharply. You can drive this car two ways: stay in 4th gear on corners and the car will stick like glue and have mild understeer, or if you want it to turn in more sharper and oversteer keep it in 3rd gear and control the predictable slide around the corner.

It loved the Bernese Alps Tracks and at Bathurst I just beat Rosny’s Ferrari GTO by 0.03 seconds it was such a close battle, down the straights Rosny’s GTO was much quicker, but this 360 CS caught up and past it through the twisties then down the straight again Rosny’s GTO had the edge, but the brakes on this car are phenomenal and caught up and past under hard braking and just managed to stay ahead just.

At Catalunya GP it is a beast perfectly tuned for a track like this cannot fault it at all, and managed to get in the 1:50s there which is awesome for a non lb car. What’s interesting is I have some top 30s in Rosny’s GTO at Yas Marina tracks and I think this car will beat it, so should get some awesome LB times & positions when I get to those tracks. Looking forward to running all the other tracks.

From all of us at Pendulum Tuning team, Enjoy!



• Track: Road America West Route
• Deadline: 15th March 2014
• Assists: Any assists allowed
• Build/Tune: Must use the build and tune provided
• You must record your lap via the game DVR if not a PB (read Verify Lap info below)
• No Wall riding
• Dirty laps are allowed BUT Clean laps will always be higher position like the FM Leaderboards
• You must post up in this thread with your laptime and gamertag once set a time
• Anyone is allowed to enter (includes PTG team) *PTG Team can’t win Prizes though

How to verify lap if not a PB:
As soon as you are happy with your laptime pause the game so we can see your laptime and then say “Xbox Record That” to your TV. What this will do is record the last 30 seconds so we can see your laptime on the pause screen and also shows the Class you ran too. Or Snap the sidebar and use the ‘Game DVR’ Then once recorded post up here with your gamertag so we can check it. Keep your clip until after the Final results have been posted.

1st: 1,000,000 + 1 Pendulum Prize Car
2nd: 500,000cr
3rd: 250,000cr

Current Standings:

• PTG Team - Cannot win, just joining in for fun

• 01:14.968 - GR33KSNIP3R #25 (PTG Team)
• 01.15.018 - I 40oz Method I -------------------- 1st Place (1,000,000 + 1 Pendulum Prize Car)
• 01:15.122 - V12 TN Eagle #34 ------------------ 2nd Place (500,000cr)
• 01:15.142 - BDR SCHIWO ---------------------- 3rd Place (250,000cr)
• 01.15.229 - V12 Braveheart
• 01:15,338 - MonkeyDGio
• 01:15.919 - PID1969
• 01:16.091 - ToOSk3tChY
• 01:16.212 - PTG Mesasphere (PTG Team)
• 01:16.247 - ajd440ex38
• 01:16.269 - mattp27
• 01:16.271 - TGS byost22
• 01:16.495 - EliteApices
• 01.16.585 - PTG Coops (PTG Team)
• 01:16.631 - Ghosty445
• 01:16.783 - tonesthfc
• 01:16.821 - Bickel (PTG Team)
• 01:16.835 - PTG Claret (PTG Team)
• 01:17.278 - SirChickenHeart
• 01:18.683 - CraftyBUDMAN
• 01:19.010 - GSW Knucklehead
• 01:19.469 - Crash220

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Updated the OP guys, Enjoy!!! :slight_smile:

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That paint job is stunning, and so are those pics, and the tune is amazing. Awesome release well done PTG


Sweet! Count me in. Will post time here by deadline.

Awesome work on the car guys. Keep up the good work.


Thanks for the tune and paint. it is great, got a personal best with the car in the first three laps,
cant wait to drive it some more. the paint is nice to.
Thanks again


Awesome promo for an awesome car! Picked this up, looking forward to running some laps!


Great work on the paint Mexico. Hopefully the tune does it justice.

I was thinking the same thing but the other way round lol

They do each other justice, excellent car, both tune and paint. I’ll start off the HLC with a 1:16.271 #50.

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Great start byost nice time.

Congrats guys so glad to get the ball rolling with our releases. Plenty more great rides coming soon ; ).

The HLC seems fun, the car looks good…I have to give this a try

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Thanks for all the comments guys, really is a great all rounder. Ran it online earlier with Alf and we were always top even against F50’s and good drivers!

Looking forward to seeing the times you guys get for the HLC

Yeah Coops , we were on the podiums every race if we stay out the madness .

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Sitting at #92 with a 1:16.973.

The car is a lot of fun to drive and very stable. The time is really good for me considering I hardly ever drive above C.

And the paint…love absolutely everything that MEXIC0 paints. Really good job.

Okay, let’s keep plugging away at the time.


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Nice times Byost and Matt, both in top 100 which is great. Added both your times to the OP.

Looks great as usual guys, I’ll grab this tonight or tomorrow. Quick question…how can you pay out prizes in credits?

I got a 1:15,893 luckily you gave me something to do because I’m stuck at home with the flu…
The tune is great and superfun to drive!
But the giant puppet that waves its arms in the air keeps distracting me…lol


Nice Monkey, and yeah that pupet arm thing is very distracting indeed, try rewinding and looking at it, haha.

Eagle, We have help from T10 with credits :slight_smile:

ok cool, I was about to get excited if we could do it without T10 lol!

Finally grabbed this tune and paint this morning, awesome job! Tune feels great with no assists and the paint looks even better on the track. Ran a 1:15.575 and screwed up at least two corners so there is plenty more in it for those that will run a lot of laps!

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