PSA: Update 9 reset Perks [fix in progress, see post #403]

Has anyone else lost skill perks under Car Mastery? Since February, I’ve been grinding to earn skill points so i could max out every car. (Taking the whole completionist thing to a whole other level). I got done with my cars and was going back thru in case I’d gotten new cars, and weeding out dupes. After todays update, I’ve lost almost all progress. It’s like I’d done nothing. Any light anyone can shed on this would be appreciated. I’m sick to my stomach right now…


Every single car I’ve spent skill points on had their perks reset, probably wasted at least 2000 points.

Good job playground games!

Other players with the same experience:


I thought it was just me. Why they can’t leave the game as it is

PSA part 2… DO NOT repurchase the perks until they have the issue solved. I repurchased the perks on one of my cars that I knew was previously maxed out. The points were deducted from my total, and the boxes were turned white again, BUT when I restarted the game the car was reset to no perks again. Tbh, at this point I really don’t cafe about most of the perks with the exception of the angel perks, but I did have between 60 and 70 cars maxed out so that was quite a few points spent over the past 7 or so months (and a lot of skill grinding to reach that point).

So again, do not purchase any perks until they get this sorted.



coders iq must run in reverse your response to this problem is to say do not play then sounds like refund territory thanks for removing all faith in your games

Lots of posts everywhere about it.


That was a bug that was fixed on Friday.


still not fixed here

Well you should have got the update ages ago.

Thanks for that heads up, I didn’t bother rebuying any perks so I wasn’t aware that they get reset during every game launch.

I don’t see how PG can restore previously purchased perks without rolling back all saves after fixing the bug. It’ll probably require another client update as well. I have a feeling that we’re all SOL.


Handy if you want to unlock rare perk cars or cash though. Reboot and repeat.


You must be joking…a reboot takes far longer than simply buying another one from the autoshow.

Wonder if a console restart fixes the issue

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The game warns us about updates, can we still play without updating?

I just checked about 6 cars that I remember having full car masteries on, out of those 2 still had their perks.

So according to my math I’ve lost 66% of that progress which equals roughly 17.333 billion zillion hours of gameplay.

They really need to have an easy, quick fix for this SOON.

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It doesn’t. Nor does closing and opening the game back up. My vehicle resetted back to 0 right after I had already maxed it out again. And it looks like my Forza Editon cars are the only ones that aren’t messed up from this. A little weird if you ask me.

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This is a great bug, free Quartz Regalia Type D’s For everyone!!! Well, the people with regalias anyway. :joy: Perfect problem for people capped at 999 skill points


Hmmm. I always completely exit the game by using the quit option and shut down my console when I am finished for the day. My game will not restart until a pending update is installed so there is/was no way to avoid an update for me.

I do this complete shut down to help avoid correct game saves due to improper shut down of the game (ie, in case of a power outage, etc…)

Just to be clear, when you shut your console down, you aren’t using instant in are you?

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