PSA: Screen shot bug

Just letting you guys know about a bug that really annoyed me the other night. I set up a free play race on Hockenheim ring, 50 laps with GT cars. On the last lap I decided to get a screen cap and double tapped the home button on the wheel. Once I took the shot and went back into the game, all my deadzones were reset somehow. Using the G920 I have it set for ultra sensitive because of the brake pedal. The very first corner I went to tap the brakes, got no brake and went way off track and into the wall. It remained like this for the rest of the race. To make things worse, I was in 5th and the two leaders had crossed the finish line so I could not rewind, which let nearly the whole field pass me, thereby losing a ton of credits as a result. After the race the deadzones worked in following events. I chalk it up to a “more you know” kind of experience but it was very annoying at the time.