This is our last race in Indy Lights. It will be missed for sure. But, we are going switch cars after this race. Considering '76 F1. TBA at a later date. Anyway there is still work to be done with Indy Lights.

Road Atlanta 50 laps ProSim.

Looking for Privateer racers.

ProSim: no assists/line. Sim steering/damage. Cockpit view. Manual or clutch. Respectfull racing.

Hit me up if you want to chat about it. These races take soome time/tuning to prepare for, hence the early post.

Lap one race at Spa

GRD during Spa race

DR1V474R chasing FlyingFinnStar at Catalunya

The Chase at Catalunya

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These races have been perfect. Great driving, fair competition and close as anything. I’m definitely in for the final round. I need a win to have a chance of drawing level with the title leading Mclaren!

Some pics from the previous round at Spa.

Last chicane. Mclanen - Footwork - Benetton

DR1V474R's Mclanen leading La Source

Finnstar chasing GRD at La Source

Through Des Fagnes. Mclanen - Footwork - Benetton

This was taken during one of the practice sessions.

Going Up Eau Rouge

Some nice pics added. This series has been spectacular. You are welcome to join in.

2 views of the same battle, Finnstar vs GRD.
DR1V47AR was pulling away at the front at this stage.

Replay view

Onboard view

Bring on Road Atlanta this Friday at 8pm EST!

Youtube link to Finnstar chasing GRD for 1 lap at Spa, cockpit view
1 lap of Spa in ProSim lobby

Towards end of the lap 1 of 50 at Road Atlanta. It was the closest endurance race I have ever had in my whole life. After 50 laps, the gap between 1st and 2nd was about 3 seconds.