Pros and Cons of FM6

After first day of playing. So this is pretty much an initial impression.


  • Music more varied than in FM5 and also less corny in the classical department
  • Track count
  • Rain and night is quite fun
  • Presentation feels good (could do with an option to switch off the menu voice, though. I know what car I just bought. I know how this menu works.)
  • Car sorting overhaul helps a lot


  • Intro not skippable, very very cheesy
  • Introductions not skippable (i.e. voice over lady: Congratulates me on being a “Forza veteran”, yet explains me the most basic menu stuff like I’ve never played a game before, doesn’t allow me to skip)
  • Graphically about 5-10% worse than FM5 (jaggies seem even more present in comparison, much more pop ups (not that many in FM5, actually), texture seams are visible at times (cars), framerate drops in pre / post race screens, people still cardboard cutouts)
  • Career feels more restricted. It’s not possible to select the race order within categories, like FM5 offered, wich felt very open and accessible
  • Still no options for displaying detailed time related info during race (e.g. constantly displaying fastest driven lap etc.)
  • (A personal thing: Another fantasy track would have helped make the track roster a bit more colourful. Some of the tracks are very same looking, albeit great to drive on.)
  • Driving throgh puddles is fun, but a bit overdone in terms of effect. Also the sound seems really off.
  • Buying multiple cars at once is still slow

It feels like a blown up FM5, which is cool, since I really liked FM5, but maybe I expected a bit more. Let’s see after a week or so.