Proper Forza GT Endurance hopper.

Please don’t ignore it like you do with Hopper suggestion thread.


  • Game type: Timed Race
  • Race Length: 30 minutes
  • Car Division: Forza GT (obviously)
    Advanced Rules:
  • Drive type: RWD
  • Start type: ROLLING
  • Grid ordering: BEST LAP

Weather & time of day: Random (of ALL options: overcast, lightning, fog, cloudy, rain, heavy rain etc with random timing) for all tracks

Track List:

  • Nurburgring - Full Circuit & GP Circuit
  • Spa - Full Circuit
  • Mount Panorama Circuit
  • Laguna Seca
  • Brands Hatch - GP Circuit
  • Circuit de Catalunya - GP Circuit
  • Circuit of The Americas - GP
  • Daytona Intl Speedway - Sports car Circuit
  • Hockenheimring - Full
  • Homestead - Road Circuit
  • Indianapolis - GP Circuit ALT
  • Le Mans Circuit de la Sarthe - Full (Modern)
  • Lime Rock - South Chicane
  • Long Beach - Full
  • Monza - Full
  • Mugello - Full
  • Road America - Full ALT
  • Road Atlanta - Full
  • Sebring - Full
  • Silverstone - GP Circuit
  • Sonoma - Full/GP
  • Suzuka - Full Alt
  • VIR - Grand West?
  • Watkins Glen - Full with chicane
  • Yas Marina - Full

I’m really bored with the Endurance lobby we have and personally would love the lobby to rotate other proper race cars like LMP1, Prototype, V8 Supercars, Touring cars, you get the idea.

That said whenever Watkins Glen comes up this race generally runs in the half an hour ball park and barely any normally stick around to complete the race. For this reason, if it were timed, I think 20 minutes is the sweet spot.

I also see your list only covers real circuits. I have no real issue with this but Maple Valley and Bernese Alps have the potential for a good race. Dubai, Prague Full and Rio are a good test of endurance and sets apart men from the boys as the walls and nature of the track cause easy mistakes.

Yas Marinas is a cutters paradise and until the race adjudication update is finally out (been waiting way too long now) I wouldnt recommend this.

Le Man’s Bugatti always brings better races than the full with or without chicanes variants. The pack ends up spread really thin and the guy with the fastest top speed tune generally wins comfortably if they’re half decent.

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I’m not sure about the rotation part, but there definitely should be a hopper for every popular motorsport division (not road cars). To those you named I’d add Group C, GT Racing reborn, 70s - 90s F1, NASCAR and Indycar (not a fan of the last 2 but American people like it).

I also agree that 30 min may be too much as of now but with proper race regulations (hope ranking system too at some point) I think it would work.

To be fair, all tracks have cutting opportunities, even Bugatti circuit. Le Mans Full is too legendary to not include it in the rotation. The real cancer there is Maserati MC. I personally don’t even count them as opponents. IMO this car should be banned, I actually made a post about it earlier.

A hopper for every popular division would be nice but I can see the player base being spread to thinly which is why I would suggest a rotation. This would be similar with a ranking system.

Honestly can’t wait for the race adjudication update but if you look at the early days of GT Sport, it has took a long time to get it half decent today but it’s far from perfect as experienced with my time playing. I’m hopeful Turn 10 will get it right but I’m not expecting it. It will definitely stop those who are pushing for a win to stop cutting definitely but I doubt it will have too much impact on the quality of racing mid pack. A lot of accidents are down to player ability rather than deliberate contact.

The Lambo Super and to some extent, the Porsche RSR are just as competitive on power tracks with the right tune apart from LeMan’s and Daytona with no chicane. You always have cars better suited to some tracks rather than others.

The Lambo Super however not only does well on power tracks, it’s an absolute beast everywhere in the right hands. If you wanted to attack a car then this is the one but honestly speaking the same situation is in every class for the most part.

Multiclass endurance races with P1, P2 & GT cars on real race tracks would be amazing. Was kinda expecting this would have happened by now because of the collaboration between Forza Motorsport and IMSA a while ago.

I do wish there was more Endurance Hoppers. I’d love a Forza P1, P2 & GT Multi-Class hopper. I’d also love an IndyCar, Touring Car & Modern F1 Endurance Hopper.

As for improving the existing hopper, I do think a rolling start would be far better. I also think the rate of tire wear needs to be increased to being more strategy into the race.

MultiClass with all the GT and LeMans and Prototypes would be great, too.

If opening up to other endurance races and hoppers, I’d be happy with Hyper Cars minus half of them having to wear restrictor plates. There were some ‘interesting’ decisions made in FM7. Overall it’s great, but having Hyper Car Homologated with restrictor plates was an unquestionably poor choice.

I like the idea of the random endurance hopper classes to support all of the major ones listed above. I also agree that when the penalties arrive this will be awesome. I kinda think the random hopper should hold to the same class for a couple of races and then switch but meh.

I agree a hopper for each class is spreading it too thin -

I’m on the fence about timed race vs number of laps -

Yas marinas…no way and there are a few others that are out until penalties are enforced.

great idea overall!

(i wouldn’t mind a random street class thrown in to mix it up as well - my 95 GT2 is itching to be a real racecar same with several others)