Profile no longer available. HELP

When trying to play I get error 1047-0 So far Iget no help from Twitter or Facebook. Tried a support ticket was told not a in game issue can’t help

Found this fix on Reddit:

^ Not an fix it overwrites broken save with new one

but yeah your save is prob gone follow the steps here to get some cars back later

Not sure what you’ve already tried… If you have access to CloudGaming via gamepass open the game there let it sync on ms hardware. If the save is fine there let it save there and then sync on your machine

I’ll try that Pinkie. Thanks

Tried that. Since I already own the game it didn’t help. Still get the error 1047-0 There is no good fix. When I go offline and start a new game my console crashes just as I’m about to back out of the plane.

U deleted both save+reserved data? Then best is in “Press A to play” screen use X and change to performance mode in video settings