Problems with servers in multiplayer

I bought the game yesterday and was surprised when I realized that there was a problem with the servers in Forza motorsport 7 multiplayer. Can you help me solve this problem? Thank you.

You’ll have to be a lot more specific than that.

Do you mean the black screen and starting late in a different camera view?

Do you mean the high latency and low bandwidth warnings that come up even with a very good connection that only effect Forza?

Do you mean dropping out of a private lobby into P class lobbies when saving a replay?

Perhaps you mean getting no car sounds or even invisible cars?

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No, it turns out that when I access the multiplayer, I can not connect to the server.

Start the game from scratch.
NEVER “Resume” the game from the Xbox dashboard, you will never get connected to a multiplayer server.

If Forza was the last game you played it will say Resume Forza 7. You need to highlight it and press the button with 3 lines on your controller and choose QUIT.
Then start the game.
Failing that turn off your xbox and pull the plug for 30 seconds, this should reset your network protocols and internet connection.

Problems connecting to a game will normally be a problem at your end.

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It was on the PC that I installed, do you have any suggestions to solve the problem, but on the PC? Thank You.

Sorry no, the PC version is a complete mess.
It should never have been forced onto a platform it was never written for.

Works fine for me on PC with multiplayer
Have the occassional drop out but that could be my garbage aussie internet