Problems with GT Lobby

Hey guys, I race the GT lobby almost exclusively, and for some reason, it’s not even showing up for me. I’m not having an issue of loading up a race, the option of selecting the GT lobby simply isn’t there.

I’ll be highly disappointed if Turn 10 got rid of the lobby. I probably won’t play Forza as much any more


They’ve re-jigged all the lobbies. Go out and back in and you’ll see there’s now an S-class endurance lobby instead of the GT one. Lots of other changes across the board too, to keep the lobbies fresh I guess. Just waiting on the race to pop for the first s-class endurance… should be fun! :slight_smile:

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I’m starting to think they hate me, I had like a paragraph of text here and they’ve just erased it all.

Seriously the management of this game as well as the community forums is absolutely pathetic.


I am too. This one and the V8 Supercar were my favorites. Let me guess the Mondern Formula Car is still there isn’t it, haven’t been one in a couple of days. If it is still there, this one seems to be redundant since there is an X class lobby.

I’ve just had a few of the s-class endurance races and it’s got much the same feel to me. Seems like if they’re only going to have one lobby per month that lets you race more than a measley 2-3 laps per race, I’m as comfortable with them swapping around the endurance class to get a chance to race other vehicles as I would be if they didn’t.

Of course, if they up the stakes next month and say “endurance is doing ten laps of the test track in a track toy with twelve terrible teens” (alliteration ftw!) then I might disagree!

So you take out one of the most popular lobbies with some of the cleanest racers for S Class crap?? I bought a racing game to drive race cars in race scenarios. If I wanted to drive around in street cars I would go out in to my garage and get in my car. You guys make a modern grand prix and 70’s grand prix class with 3 laps… how is that even a grand prix??

I can’t wait for project cars.


It definitely was my favorite lobby, it is a shame they took it off. It was full of a lot of fast racers that were clean. The best part about it was how balanced the cars were. The “endurance” races are nice for other classes, but obviously some cars are better than others. I loved the GT racing, hope it comes back. Soon.


[Mod Edit - profanity and implied profanity are not allowed - MM] I guarantee you’re going to lose a lot of players because of this. More than just the ones who’ve commented. I’ll keep checking back every so often to see of it’s back otherwise I’m gone.

I cannot wait for Project Cars.

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Haha this shows how much they actually don’t listen to the community or watch what is happening in the game, GT Lobby was one of the most popular Lobbies … Well done Turn 10 … Well Done


Another fail of t10, how surprising after al those others they’ve made… Come on, last year the sponsor of the ALMS series and now not even a GT-lobby? FM4 was amazing but FM5 is so disappointing. The GT-lobby was the ONLY reason to start playing this game again after I was fed up of all those crashers months ago. Can’t wait for project cars.

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Only 5 months Braindead, then we can all rejoice


I appreciate you don’t like that lobby disappearing, even though it may just be temporarily, but really. You lot just sound like a bunch of drama queens. There are much better ways to make an argument and get results than whining and bandying about the name of an unreleased and unproven competitor.

Try coming up with a rational argument and expressing it in a reasonable way instead?


I’ve been a Forza fan since Forza 1, but I really do think t10 has lost it’s touch with their fans lately. Project cars is a game where the community is involved in it’s development. Of cource it’s not finished but the more I see the more I’m convinced this will be the game forza 5 should have been.


A rational argument? Who am I arguing with? There isn’t anything to argue. They took out one of the few lobbies with a low number of crashers, evenly matched cars and fast drivers in favor of a S-class endurance and production drifter lobbies. There is no other place to race GT cars exclusively as well. This is a fact. Plus, when I race in the R-class lobby it’s frustrating to lose to people who are using cars that are unfairly superior to the GT cars (in that IRL, they wouldn’t stand a chance) and the amount of awful drivers/crashers makes it not fun. It made sense to have two different lobbies. GT racers can go race against each other without dealing with the R-class lobby douche-canoes and the R-class racers can enjoy their lobby with all of their shenanigans.

And we bring up Project CARS because it’s going to be:

A.) Awesome as hell

B.) It’ll weed out the bad drivers/crashers

C.) A true racing simulator designed for people who enjoy competitive racing.

D.) All of the major online racing communities will use the game because it allows them to do what they’ve always wanted to do.


How about you do them one better and counter what they are actually complaining about…


I don’t disagree, that’s why I haven’t countered it. I just don’t that a post that comes across in the wrong way is productive and this thread had sounded very whiney, like a bunch of three year olds having a tantrum because they weren’t getting their own way.

How about something like:

"Hi Turn10,
While we appreciate the fact that we are getting variety in the monthly hoppers, we really liked the GT class one you had created. It featured good racing and had less of the unwanted crash kiddies and always seemed to be popular. The cars were challenging to drive too. Please can we have this lobby back on a permanent basis?

Thank you for reading,
Your loyal fans."

It’s not so hard to write something with a little respect for people :wink:

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I was reacting on a post of someone of my friendlist. Most of the guys that posted a comment on the forum about the disappearing of the GT lobby are on my friendlist or I raced them in the GT lobby. I did mention Project Cars because that’s the racegame for sure most of them will play at the end of this year. So you really think t10 will listen to us if we ask them nicely? And if so, it’s ridicilous that we must ask this, t10 should have known what their community wants. But like I mentioned earlier, they lost their touch with their fans lately.

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I really do not understand how you were able to remove the GT class, the best mode that was there. Auto balanced among the fastest players in the game and corrected, with many of these I’ve got played, and I congratulate them because they too are making their voices heard!! I hope you Turn10’s really there you put a hand on your heart, because you can not remove a mode with such a high number of players!! So do nothing but alienate people who approach her more! We plan a your reply …


Respect goes both ways

Or you could quote “respect is earned” and make a different statement. Does Turn 10 have to kow-tow to us before we’ll ‘reward’ them with a polite statement of our disapproval?

Keep in mind that every single person who posts on this forum is in the minority. It takes an especially passionate person to make the effort to come here and do so and the vast majority of the player-base of the game does not post here. Likely they do not even read what is posted here. Maybe they don’t know about the forums or maybe they don’t care about the forums. Either way, they still own and play the game and they are by default The Majority. So, it’s always going to be a challenge as the minority to get what we want and that’s why it’s important to do the best we can to show Turn 10 what we think will make this game as good as it can be.

Switching the lobbies around, removing the GT lobby and replacing it in spirit with the S Class endurance lobby would, one assumes, be what Turn 10 has determined is in the best interests of its player-base at large right now. Let’s assume the staff at Turn 10 are not all evil moustache-twirling villains out to make our lives miserable by observing which parts of the game we seem to like the most before ripping that bit of the game away from us. So, if it seems like removing the GT lobby is a huge disappointment, of course say so but say so with the self awareness that you need your message to make it to the ears of the design and development team/s within Turn 10.

And since the community managers are doing a job, be nice and make it easier for them to hear your message and redirect it onwards. If you post childish statements that basically have the underlying message “this is rubbish because I don’t like it” there’s not much the CMs can do for that to take it on. If you can talk about the various positive aspects of the missing GT lobby and clearly explain why the endurance S-Class lobby doesn’t scratch the same itch, at least then ‘the people who make the decisions’ will be able to understand what the GT lobby means to its most passionate customers.

It still might not mean the lobby comes back - because this group of forum posters here is STILL the minority of the game’s overall player-base - but it’s the best chance to achieve your goal. Of course, if you merely want to get those huffy emotions off your chest with a good old fashioned whinge, by all means the forums are here for you. But the more background-radiation of whinging there is, the harder it is for a decently formed message to break through to the people who we’d need to hear it.