Problem with V.I.P Pass

Hello everybody !
First, I’m sorry for my bad (or not) english, I’m French :).
Okey… Hum…
Three months ago, because the Hard Disk of my xbox was full, I have deleted all the Forza Horizon folders.
Today, when I play Horizon after few months, i want to re-download cars from V.I.P Pass, but the game say “You can’t download this cars pack for the moment” but i’m V.I.P… And when I try to re-enter the V.I.P code, the xbox say “Code already used, try another” :confused:
Do you have a solution please ? :slight_smile:
Thanks !!! And once again, sorry for my bad english :slight_smile: !
P.S : I have the same problem in Forza Motorsport 4 after I had deleted Folders from my Hard Disk.

I think you might be screwed over this.