Problem with tunes

I’m having problem’s with the recommended tune section when i’m in the m/p lobby.Yesterday i clicked on load tune and then recommended tunes to be only offered three that i could actually download.Today i am only being offered one,all the rest are locked,normally there are about six or seven to choose from,any particular reason for this?

In fact scrap that,i’m not able to download any tunes from the lobby menu now,the one i was able to get is out of bound’s as well now??

it bugs occasionally, There is good times and there is bad times, one day you get 15 tunes, one day it fails to load anything.

What a bug in f6?nah,seriously? lol oh well thnx anyway…i’ll keep my finger’s crossed for tomorrow then.

Power of the cloud…

Storefront like FM3 must back for FM7.