Problem with Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Italia

I have a problem with the Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Italia steering wheel. When I turn on Forza Horizon 4 I can’t play this wheel.
Could someone help me?
Thank you.

Hi I’m not sure but I think you really need to use a FFB wheel(I use a G920) but being honest the games not optimised for any wheel the game will always be harder with a wheel imo. I use mine when I’m just driving about but if I’m racing 9/10 times I use the pad.

This is a confusing comment. The Italia (or the TX if you like) IS a force feedback wheel and it’s miles better than a Logitech (I have both). I have no problem with mine and it works WAY better with Horizon than a Logitech. Keep tweaking the settings and you’ll get it to where you like it.

Thrustmaster makes (or made) the Thrustmaster Italia 458 Spider wheel that has no FFB, just a bungee cord inside for return-to-center, people occasionally get them confused.

I don’t have a thrustmaster wheel - I do have a logitech one though.

Just wondering if it’s as simple as you’re starting the game with a controller and the game not recognising you want to use your wheel?

I have an xbox one x - which my wheel is plugged in to pretty much all the time (I’m lazy). Some driving games when I start them with the pad, go hmm there’s a wheel connected I assume you want to use that and immediately recognise the wheel. With Forza, if I’ve signed in with the pad when I booted the machine up - when I go on to forza it doesn’t automatically switch to the wheel. I have to switch the controller off at which point it will ask me which controller I want to use and ask me to press A on the controller to sign in a profile. I do this with the wheel and I have control on the wheel. I can switch the controller back on, which will work in menus (e.g. tuning) but won’t work in race.

It’s a pain as if I’ve had enough of the wheel and want to go back to controller again, I either have to switch the wheel off or sign out on the wheel to get control back to the controller again.

If someone knows a way to switch between the two which is slightly less of a pain, I’d like to hear it.

Hopefully that helps - if not, maybe specify a bit more about your set up, what it is and isn’t doing, someone may be able to help you. Good luck.

Yes, I find with my Fanatec that if I don’t have it powered up early enough, the game either doesn’t switch to wheel, or if it does, it switches to the default profile, and I have to go into the settings to switch it back to my profile to make all the buttons work.