Problem with the update

Not so much a problem… but a glitch

The update added the next 4 car pass cars… when you click on each one, it gives you the option to buy them now… all 4 of them.

Pry something needs sorted…

Seems like a good surprise for once. Leave it.
I’m sure the peanut gallery will find real stuff to rant about.
Don’t report it. It self solved.


Too late, posting here is the exact same as reporting it to support. You can expect the patch by tomorrow.

Interesting…as it seems that posting here is the same as not posting anywhere in the eyes of PGG. Only way this would get back to PGG is if Max happens to notice the thread when he visits the forum

I have been in baby sitter mode since I created this account.
The very fact my post showed up says someone approved it.
And it’s actually part of Max’s job to search these forums for posts like this and report them back.
Oh, and you can bet the devs visit here, they just don’t post here. They sit on Discord all day without posting as well. And it’s a well known fact in the gaming community that any glitch that helps the player in any way should never be discussed on the games forums or other social media. I’m sure they got a few that roam the halls of youtube and reddit looking for glitches as, well. And this glitch in no way benefits me, I don’t have car pass.

Tried it. Nope. Threw the not available yet. Tried car show and car pass both.
If only someone could fix…:rofl:

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Yeah they will spot it and ban those who took advantage lol

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It’s already been fixed on their end.

Quite honestly, there is nothing in the new set that would even tempt me.

Yeah. I’ll wait.

Already cheaters on board of new speed zone on highway.
One guy posted 320++ in a C600 Holden. And low level players in there too.
Also a level 10*2300 something.
I ran 301.5 ish and am 9800 on list.
So tired of this.

Oh, and 2 players used the ‘20 GT-R for 310+.


I’d think Devs have more pressing issues than sitting in Discord.
Pages of tasks.
Beta testing stuff. Lol.


I like the new smoking tires in rivals endscreen…

So while we got some new Speed Zones with the update yesterday, I’m assuming the other new PR stunts will appear with the new Series tomorrow.

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