Problem with Imported paints

After importing some designs from Horizon 3 they refused to share in FM7.

When I looked at the designs the base car colour on each one had changed to a yellow. Unfortunately I’m unable to fix the problem in FM7 because you now need to own the cars to work on designs. Could that be the problem? Am I allowed to import and share designs in FM7 for cars that I don’t yet own?

I encountered the same issue. I was able to import several paints from FM6, some appeared to be shared yet, no one can download these!! And, do not show up upon search. When I look at the paints within my area, the paints are there indicating the 0 DLs. Very odd! This needs to be fixed asap to enable us to share out the paints to the community.


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My latest problem is that I can’t share a design imported from FH3 because of the language filter reporting inappropriate content. I deleted every vinyl containing letters and it still refuses to share. Anyone else have this problem?

Yes you can share an imported design even if you don’t own the car as long as you also save it as a FM7 design and then share that one. Not recommended though as the vinyl line-up on some cars are terrible on the FM7 version of the same car. I’ve shared a few imported designs before I owned the respective cars, but then later realised the mis-line ups when I bought the cars and applied the designs. The 2008 Sabaru was worst so far, but all the others showed discrepancies, so had to repair them one by one.

No answer for the language filters, sorry.

I’ve tried sharing imported paints immediately but they refuse to share. Spinning wheel times out with a try again later message. I won’t share corrupted designs of course and my point was that you can’t correct problems with the design unless you own the car.