Problem with entering Blizzard Mountain

I have the expansion pass downloaded and installed. But when trying to enter the mountain I get an issue "Marketplace error - Failed to download required marketplace data. Please try again later.

Any suggestions on how to fix this? I should have everything needed for accessing the expansion null

Same problem here. I can’t enter. When I try it says I need to install and when I click install now, the next Pop Up is ‘already installed’, but no travel to the Mountains! The cars are in the Shop…but the Snow tires are not. Very strange!

go to my game’s and press the left litlle button when standing on forza horizon3 game. Some were you’ll see there are still a few things to install. Install them all (including blizzard mountain) After that it works.

I downloaded Blizzard Mountain add on two days ago and it was fantastic but wanted to go back to the original Aussie game. There is no way you can do this. I contacted Microsoft this morning and they suggested I remove the original Forza Horizon 3 game and re-install it. I think Microsoft have made an error. I think in time Microsoft will issue a fix for this flaw. What I will do is play the Aussie game to completion which may be quite some time and then go to Blizzard Mountain to round it up. I will probably take it out again and start over again because its a fantastic racing experience.

There should be an icon to return to Byron Bay. Looks like a lighthouse.


Same here. Newbie to FH3. Downloaded the $19.99 version to Xbox One and absolutely nothing when trying to find Blizzard Mountain from the game. Any tricks to find this.
Has been fully downloaed. I have FH3 disk and game started. I restarted the console. What gives?

Datacreed, typing on behalf of WorthDrop66. 2017-01-07