Problem seeing all the tunes.

I seem to have a problem seeing more than around 8 tunes.

The first 8 or so show up perfectly well. I can see who’s made the tune and how it will effect my car.

The 9th tune than has a missing image for the car and all the stats are missing.

The remainder of the tunes are the the same, I can see who has made the tune but the stats do not show.

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This is a known problem. What the cause is … well, probably something to do with Cloud. Don’t know if it affects everyone, but it has affected me since day one. Will it ever be fixed? Who knows. You can soften the blow by making tuners you like favourites so that they appear in the first handful of suggested tunes. If you don’t know who the good tuners are (that have bothered to post on these forums at least), use search to find one of a number of earlier threads on the subject, or visit the tuning section to look through some of the catalogues there. And don’t forget to like the tunes that float your boat!

I have same issue. If you select one you cant see, download then cancel and they will appear. Works for me, annoying but oh well.


thanks for the knowledge