problem launching the game

ive installed the timed demo of the game from the ms store atleast 5 times now and i always run into the same problem, game loads xbox live logo, then turn 10 logo, then a loading spinner and the game force closes to desktop.

ive tried many solutions that i have read on the internet, including.

  1. reinstalling numerous times
  2. resetting the game through windows apps and features
  3. installing and unninstalling a free game from MS store
    4 making sure all xbox live services are running.
  4. closing all screen cap/recording software.

im at a loss, i loved the last forza game i played (4) and thought that with my new gaming rig seven would be pretty awesome to try out, and well i havent been able to try it.

I have the same problem. I have also tried to install it on 2 different devices and on both the same issue.

from some quick googlefu it turns out they have no intention of fixing or addressing the situation, good thing i didnt pay money for this crap.

I’m having the same problem. Raised a ticket with the support desk over two weeks ago and have not had a reply since the initial automated response. How long do responses take from the support desk?

Will this ever get fixed. IS this a problem with the demo only or will it be the same for the full edition?

buy the full version and find out, so that i dont have to waste my money if it doesnt.

im currently talking to customer help and they have me trying all the same things ive already tried to no avail

Edit: tech support was no help, he basically said, welp, sorry man.

well looks like im giving my money elsewhere.