Problem - Blank screen - Game does not finish loading

I can’t even load in to FM5 at the moment. Worked fine on 10 July, now I get no sound on the Turn10 splash screen, then no sound on the Microsoft logo screen (with the ink swirling around the Microsoft text), followed by a blank screem. If I press the xbox button on the controller the console will still return to my home screen.

I’ve tried reinstalling FM5 but still have the same issue. Any ideas anyone? Is this a known issue?

Do I need to post any further information? Thanks in advance.

Same here

It happend to me last night. I had to turn off everything and reset the xbox (hold the button on the console down for 20sec) worked fine after that.

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I turned off the Xbox and unplugged it for 5 minutes. Powered it back on and FM5 was working again. Odd.
Can’t believe I didn’t try that before reinstalling.
Thanks for the responses.

unplug kinect

Is that really the solution to it???

As far as Im aware, yes.

It happened to me earlier, I just restarted the xbox, hold down the power button for 10 sec. Worked fine after that.

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If you ever have any problems, first attempt to solve is always unplug everything then power it back on, it almost always works :).

Yup this. I have had the load freeze and the replays lagging and both are solved by unpluging everything from the supply and coming back 5 minutes later and rebooting.

I’ve had the same thing the last couple weeks with my digital version. Load goes maybe to the T10 splash screen and the next is plain black. Use the Big X button on the controller to get back to the dashboard, then the former Start button (next to the A on the controller) and select Quit for FM5. Hold the Big X on the console down 3-5 seconds to shut it all down.

Next, remove the power from the wall or at least disconnect the power pack wall-side plug from the pack so there is NO power to it. Go do something else for about five minutes, then reconnect the power. Start the console as you normally do, and you’ll get a green screen for 10-20 seconds, and then boot. Sign in to XBL and try the game again.

In my experience, Kinect has nothing to do with this behavior, however if you see the notation from Xbox Support in the Settings/Network section, you’ll see it says,

“The following service is experiencing issues: Purchase and Content Usage”

Well all have “content” whether we’ve bought anything or not, since we’re received updates, and it may be choking at that point.

i have the same problem, this"power from the wall "works well,but i have to do it everyday when i want play Forza
isnt there any solution for a one-time fix?