Problem at painting VIPERS

Line patterns are mistaken when you try to change colours, it happens in dodge and srt cars. And I suppose it happens with every car with line patterns

It happens in the TRANS AM as well.

But AI cars with stock colors feature correct stripes.

The '99 Viper stripes have been wrong since they were put in FM2 anyway, so you should put your own on it. That’s what I did.

If you can buy the car, choosing the color you want when buying it will result in the go-faster stripes being accurate. If you try to change the color after the car is already in your garage, the stripes will stay the original color or disappear.

For gifted cars, you can get around this by painting the car the color you want in another game (Horizon 3 or Motorsport 6) and then importing that design into Motorsport 7. At first the stripes will be missing, so you have to import the design, then go into Paint Car > Paint > Paint Body > and finally choose the OEM color you want again. Save that to the car, and you’re done.

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