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So i was just messing around with some friends a couple of days ago on multiplayer and my friend who was hosting found something interesting. There were a couple of body types that were listed but had no cars for them. Then when my friend chose the body type and we went to go choose the car, it made us to go to the buy car section and when we went there it was a blank space that said free dlc car. Thoughts? Maybe part of a new dlc update?

Old news. I think we saw this first in November of 2013. :wink:

The new update coming is one of two add-ons. We are getting the Pro Stock Drag Series or the World Rally Series. I like both.

Sounds just like speculation to me.

I’ve seen this posted but never saw anybody with any supporting evidence.

I hope your right. I would be excited for both.

I was thinking the big announcement is going to be the ring with maybe 3 cars with it.