Prize Crates 10/26 - 11/08 - What can I win?

These are the exclusive contents you can currently get:

Mummy Driver Gear Crate - 330.000 CR

Legendary Driver Gear


Super Lucky Driver Gear Crate - 355.000 CR

Super Rare Driver Gear

Band Leader Blue
Band Leader Green
Band Leader Orange
Band Leader Pink
Baseball Home Jersey
Baseball Away Jersey
Baseball Catcher
Motorcycle Cop

Legendary Driver Gear

Day of the Dead
First of Firsts

Those should be all that are exclusive for the two weeks, if you got another one let me know and I will add it to the list. It should cost you around 15 million CR to get all of them.



I can’t ever get past 2 Million, and that’s usually gone for the Specialty Dealer…


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What are the pull rates for these (ie: how many Crates before you open a Super Rare/Legendary Driver Gear etc.)?

Very random. On one account I got the Mummy gear in the second crate, on another one it took me 25 crates. The super rare gears should come naturally when you go for the legendary ones. I’d say a legendary drops every ten crates or so if you’re unlucky, but I also had two legendaries in two crates. There is a way to enhance your chances, feel free to send me a message if you want to know how. But it is veeeery time consuming and still costs millions in CR.

You already have enough Cr to afford 25 of these things?!?!?!

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he said earlier he spent 25,000,000 to get them all so he had enough to buy 70 of them

I bought 50 of them and am still missing half the legendary ones.

Still haven’t found

day of dead
and one of the band leaders but honestly who cares… never going to wear it.

You forgot to add a massive headache o.o


Mummy driving suit,geez,whats next,the Burger King outfit.


It’s not hard to get credits in this game…

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Maybe not, but 330,000 x 25 = 8,250,000 which remains no small feat.

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You have to remember that for every 355k you spend you get 200k back via doubles and the mod. So it really is closer to 150k per crate.

I am constantly broke, man.

I barely can afford the weekly specialties, and I play freaking every day!

I am very, VERY upset the VIP has still not been fixed.


What about cars?

Do the crates finally contain “locked” cars ??

So it’s the first drop of temporary available stuff in crates ?

Or was there another one previously ?

I never thought crates would have time limited content.

Hey T10, how about you let us discover the game before throwing 1,5 millions cars on specialty dealer every week + 15 millions CR prize crates content ?
Please ?
A little bit of logic here ?

How am i supposed to be able to buy all of that in seconds with 100-150k payout for 15-18 min race ?

I hate that gambling system seriously.
330 000 CR is the equivalent of more than 30-40 minutes racing, just to get a CHANCE to win something.
Seriously ? Am i the only one bored by this free to play system in a 100$ game ?
Even more with that feeling of being oppressed to buy everything in 2 weeks, they don’t even let us get some CR before throwing all this stuff at us.

These kind of prices are good when the economy is stabilized, everyone is settled, not after 3 weeks where a lot of people are just starting the game.
You just make people disgusted by the game by forcing them to grind from the start.


THIS!! I agree so much!
I posted this 2 weeks ago with a bit more frustration, and got into trouble for it.

But if I can’t have a chance from the beginning of having it all, I won’t even try in the future.

Usually I am a 100% completionist, but at least in F7 I realized it won’t happen because of lack of credits from the start.

Might have even spent some tokens, but no incentive like that…

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This was and still is my main dislike with the game.
But since it showed from the start, I am precured of buying crates.

They would have been really smart, to slowly raise it so people get hooked. But since I already know I cannot even have everything, I won’t even try.

And I do admit - I am potentially someoone who would have done it.

But what’s the point if I already missed exclusives :wink:

Actually, by T10 doing it like this from the start, I saved myself a lot of money.

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The first Lucky Driver Gear crate had the Ninja costumes and some others exclusively. These might still drop in the third new crate, I have not checked that out (it gives you two driver gear and nothing else).

And no, still no locked cars behind crates. Just driver gear, mods and badges.

I got the Greaser and Knight driver gear out of the Double Driver Gear crate last night.

I bought 3 of those the other night…here’s what I got.

Crate 1: Black Ninja, Football Referee
Crate 2: Black Ninja, Black Ninja
Crate 3: Black Ninja, Greaser

I understand duplicates…but the same suit twice in 1 crate.