Prize Crate prizes 11/22/17-12/6/17

These crates are available for 14 days.

  • All of the special Prize Crates give out Driver Gear only.
  • There are crates with varying numbers of Driver Gears in them.
  • The best deal is the 4+1 Driver Gear crate.

Since I work on a well-known trading card game, time to do what our community does best: open packs and extrapolate data from it! :smiley:

  • I had roughly 16,000,000 CR to spend so I bought 50 4+1 crates.
  • Number of Legendary Driver Gears obtained: 12 (2 crates had 2 Legendaries in them)
  • Approximate CR earned from duplicate Driver Gears: 8,000,000

Legendary Driver Gears that appeared*:

  • Golfer
  • Gen Pop
  • Midnight
  • Spa Day
  • Samurai

Super Rare Driver Gears that appeared*:

  • Business Suit
  • Farmer
  • Riveting
  • Real McCoy
  • Cyber
  • Cheerleader

I imagine the pull rates for high rarities in each new Prize Crate are the same, the only difference is the price and quantity for each.

  • Other Driver Gears at these rarities may have appeared, but as they’d be duplicates they wouldn’t show up as “New” for me.

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All of that driver gear and not one piece of it makes the car faster. 95%-99% of the gear is not even visible during the race, which is the point of the game. IMO the driver gear should be Horizon only and not in this game at all. I am impressed that you had $16M to spend on crates though, want to throw some $$$ my way???


Why are there so many driver gear & mod crates?
There are 4 driver gear crates and 3 mod crates, but only 1 car crate with only car and a badge. I know loot crates aren’t a popular thing, but since they’re in FM7 please put more car crates. I’m sure people play Forza mainly for cars not badges, mods and driver gear.


Just doing some research so that those who value every CR don’t have to worry about their “investment” :wink:

I’m a painter that gets roughly 500,000 CR a day from downloads/uses/likes, and races frequently in the Hoppers. Combine that with the fact that I buy very few cars and it adds up quickly.

The way I see it, these particular crates are fine for 2 reasons:

  • The contents are purely cosmetic.
  • The contents cannot be bought with real-world currency.

Exclusive cars* would be a bad thing in my opinion, likewise anything exclusive that can make you “go faster”. Cosmetics are fine because they’re harmless (and ultimately pointless). The moment you put anything in these crates that can give a player a competitive advantage is the moment you have problems. The recent drama in the wider videogame community is a case in point.

*No crates released so far have had exclusive cars in them, every single car you can obtain from a crate can be obtained in other ways.


Personally I disagree. I don’t want to see any cars in Prize Crates, ever.

Keep it to Driver Gear, Mods and cosmetic items only please.


Im not crazy about the crates ,Im glad there is no competitive advantage gained through the use of them. But IMO the effort for driver gear and crates in general could have gone to other aspects of this game. $500K/day for paints is impressive, looks like I might have to whip up a few things, even though the paint doesnt make your car faster either. LOL

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problem is there are over 90 cars that locked and can only be obtained by prize crates, specialty dealer, forzathon, etc…

if they would offer a less expensive loot crate to unlock the common locked cars, a mid grade one to unlock the uncommon and rare cars, and an expensive one to unlock the super rare and legendary ones. that would make sense.

Was proven a lie long ago.
Spc dealer and forzathon are the only ways.

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I bought 10 of the 150,000 car pack and got nothing new. 50 of the 25,000 driver gear pack and got 10 super rare badges (counting duplicates)

I bought 100 of the 340,000 ,5 packs and got the new prizes of

first 10 crates
gen pop
business suit

11-20 crates
spa day



hip hop

real McCoy
fill’er up


I am tipping you would look quite cute in your cheerleader outfit PJ

Another pointless feature in a broken game they refuse to address. Driver gear is the dumbest addition to forza in quite a while, and they overlook tens of thousands of suggestions from people who bought the game and give us this. Thanks, turn 10.


What happened to my 50K crates?
Only ones I was buying and in many discussions on this forum others mentioned they were the best value get them as well… now they disappear.

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Are you referring to the mod crates? If so the price has been dropped to 15K for the base ones, expert are 20K and master are 30K.

The mixed crates look to be gone.

Yeah, I was just getting the 50K Mod crates which were a great mix. You might have got a few really tough mods although most were useful.

Now my mind tells me I am a master others might say expert but in reality, I might end up with the base ones.

Hmm… I wonder what will be included in the expert and master crates?

When did this changed I played all day until 4CST and the 50K crates were there?

SOB they took them away for a reason I’m sure everyone used them…LOL. They said… Yeah, we;'ll stop that!

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Just got 1 base, 2 Expert, and 1 Master seemed to be a mix anyway and a couple of the Expert I would find more difficult than a couple in the Master. Mind you with the AI in this game the second I see Stay on track… I am toast. Probably works out better to get an Expert and a Master and most will be doable and will give you more Mods to work with. If you were getting the 50K crates before then nothing to fear with either of the higher level crates.

I got the 4 in 1 Driver Gear as well and didn’t get my Cheerleader outfit so I really am quite cranky.

I don’t know whether you already know this, but the rewind option can be used as often as needed to solve the going off the track issue.

Thanks for the info about the crate contents.

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Bounty hunter too.

That’s what it says in the game,so you cant blame people for saying that.

If the locked cars arent in the crates, that makes the crates even more pointless. Why spend credits on the promise of something that will never happen?

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