Prices FM6 editions

Standard Edition = $109.95
Deluxe Edition = $134.95
Ultimate Edition = $ 161.95

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Prices are fine.

Can’t afford then don’t buy it. Want to complain? Email Microsoft.


I agree, prices right along with the prices for Horizon 2. As well as many other games that have mutiple “editions”.

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Fine? Gamestop and Amazon have the standard edition for $59.99 so that’s a huge difference. Can’t emagine the prices are listed correctly.

But if I calculate that through by slashing the listed prices by about half, then the prices are normal.

the links you provided are from the NZ online store. Those prices are normal for that region.

HAHAHAHAHA Stupid me and stupid others commenting prices are just fine if they thought they were USD prices. Thanks for clearing that up and setting my mind at ease.

Online shopping is a wonderful thing.

Prices are not fine, Paying a huge premium just to play the game on release day is outrageous.
The Ultimate edition is out 10th Sep, the standard edtion is out 18th Sep.
People that can’t quite afford the ridiculous price have to wait a week longer to play the game they are looking forward to.

You are not paying to play the game early. That is an extra bonus. The extra is for game content.


Incorrect; people that cannot / will not pay premium still get the game on the official release-date. Owners of the ultimate edition get a week headstart. The same with the EA Vault; if you pay premium for being EA Vault Member, you get a week headstart on new games while the rest of the world still get the games on official release day.

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And people that can’t afford the standard edition can’t play the game at all. That’s how a capitalist economy works. If we were talking about food, shelter or some other necessity then I could understand the outrage; but we’re talking about a video game here. If you have to wait a week, you will survive.



A video game is a luxury purchase from what should be discretionary income.

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I also find it odd when people complain about “having to pay” for DLC since that content “should have been included from the start” - then they have no problems with going out every weekend and spending a lot more than a DLC’s worth on other luxury items, like movies, tobacco, and alcohol. Like everything in life, you need to prioritize what you want if you have limited funds, and complaining about not being able to get it all is something that should be left behind when you grow up.

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You do realize that even without the 5 day head start the Ultimate Edition comes with things none of the cheaper editions have, and if bought separately to add to the base game would probably cost a fair bit more than the ultimate edition, right?

I’d like to know if they will have an ultimate edition available in store or digital only? Previously they have always released a special edition besides the regular game that usually comes with some goodies. Generally it is announced later after they have gained all the digital preorders. I’d prefer to have the actual copy then the digital copy.

Prices are the same as they were when Forza 5 was released IIRC. I know I paid $80 for the version just below the one with the car pass which is the same with the current version.
Anniversary Edition $59.99
Deluxe Edition $79.99
Ultimate Edition $99.99
If I’m correct, it’s pretty nice that the prices didn’t go up.

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