Pressure sensitive keyboard

I just got new pressure sensitive keyboard and I was hoping to play forza horizon 4 in realistic way with possibility to accelerate brake and steer gradually as it can be done in GTA V or with steering wheel., I was left dissapointed that forza horizon 4 cant support my new roccat isku fx keyboard because it reads it as a controller but cant aasign any buttons, such a shame because most cars in horizon 4 are not meant to be driven full thorttle, instead the option to gradually speed up s;low down and steer would be welcome, it should be easily done as we already have pressure sensitive keyboards. it would not be essential to have steering wheel anymore to have somewhat realistic physics and movement of the car resulting in much better game experience

how is a pressure sensitive keyboard any different than using a game pad? The joysticks are not an on off switch and the triggers are pressure sensitive. Not sure why you think this would be a better option than a pad.