"Press Start" Screen

I realized while I was on my computer the the screen is actually pictures and videos from the One and not from the 360. Pretty sad.

Even if the intro video is based on Xbox One-quality graphics, it was created on a machine with scripting capabilities we end users have no access to; so, the video isn’t truly indicative of gameplay on either console. As for loading screens: for years, developers have used this time to spotlight artwork that isn’t a direct depiction of gameplay either; so, nothing new here. In the end, you bought the Xbox 360 version knowing you were getting the lesser of the two in terms of quality and if it saves the developers time to use the same video and loading screen assets for both versions, then why not? Would you prefer there wasn’t a 360 version at all?

For a chuckle, go look at FMV cut scenes from the Sega CD and original PlayStation days. Nothing from those clips was indicative of gameplay. Yet, we survived. Now, go ahead and turn that frown upside down.

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Well yeah I understand that most of the stuff that is on the screen was most likely from a computer. I just thought it was interesting you don’t really notice it. The thing also his the developers for the One version didn’t even develop the 360 version Sumo did. I actually bought the game on 360 because I enjoy car games. So I try to play all I can. And More gamerscore amirite?