Prepare For Elimination Challenge Doesnt Work For Me

This is probably the worst challenge i have ever done in a forza horizon ever!!! the eliminator doesnt work, sometimes i cant see other players and when i do i cant challenge them because is bugged, i see a lot people going around each other without being able to challenge each other, how can you release a gamemode that is this broken?!

And now for the worst part, I eliminated 3 opponents in a single session and guess what? it didnt give me the challenge in the festival playlist but it did gave me the accolade for eliminating 3 players in a single match.

Playground Games i love your game, but come on how can you release a Festival Playlist that is this broken? it takes away from the experience completely, specially for us completionist

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I eliminated two and it worked. It wouldn’t surprise me if you have to literally eliminate two but no more, that seems to be how some of these are programmed.

I had same bug. Restarted my game and it unlocked as soon as I loaded in. Try that.

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This Worked! thanks a lot! i did another match and eliminated only to opponents by the way and it still didnt give me the challenge so the solution is restarting the game.

I have never seen a game where we have to do so many workarounds to complete challenges, this is insane!