Preparation for next weeks trial

From the in game tile it looks like Unlimited Offroad on Baja tracks

Probably A800 I think.

Predict pain.

I wonder if we start preparing.

I am testing a few tunes on the first cc circuit in rivals.

Will post some info tomorrow.

Don’t like cross country that much, so i just wont bother.

Cross country is awesome and is more forgiving when it comes to bad drivers.

Yes cross country is awesome but I think its less forgiving for bad drivers.

Seems that way online

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Yeah, those Buggies CC Trials in FH4 were the hardest to win for me. Not a fan of them. But than it’s possible to make it harder here with one multi class option. Not a fan of those either.

No it’s more forgiving for noobs because you’re less likely to get rammed into an object.

Forgive me if I’ve missed something here but at the moment, next weeks weekly challenge requires the 1931 Bentley 4 1/2 Litre.

The only one I can see in the auction house is the 1930 8 litre.

You can buy the 1931 Bentley in the autoshow, yours for the tiny sum of

4 million credits

unless of course you’ve been lucky and got it on a wheel spin.

I think this may be a problem next week unless I’ve missed something obvious.

I’ll give the devs some credit and assume it is in the shop next week along with the Koenigsegg. I was lucky enough to get it in a wheelspin.

If not the devs are just abusive to their player base. Couple that with the 100 mile drive in this ancient piece scrap of metal and it’s even more a middle finger. It’ll need to be upgraded for more credits and a non stock experience to make the drive in under an hour and fifteen.

If I wanted to drive an hour and a half in a slow old car, I could just hop in mine and visit my mother. At least she would be happy to see me and make me dinner. Better than 160 forza points.


I’m hoping it’s what part of me thinks it is and that it is just another typo from PG like the year of the car in the text + all we’ll actually have to do is 10 miles.

I mean I’m cynical when it comes to PG but even I don’t think they’d pull something like that out of nowhere, through this game + FH4 the longest ‘drive this far in the car’ I can remember is 26.2 miles, almost 4 times that in a car that will be horrible to drive when it’s bumped up to anything above B class just doesn’t make any sense.

If it really is 100 miles then I hope the community gets a good answer as to why.

You haven’t missed anything obvious and a lot of other people have spotted the same thing as well (which is presumably why there are none in the AH - where you can usually get them for 1,000,000 or less).

It’s possible that they will put one in the shop or that it’s a prize for one of the other events but otherwise it is a very expensive purchase for a weekly challenge.

There’s a few Bentley Blower in the AH right now, but literally only a few - I think with buyouts of about 1.4 mil.
Still expensive for a weekly challenge though.

2 tunes i am liking so far (assuming my guess is right).

Nissan #23 RR 2004
Don Joewon Song
181 529 754

RJ Anderson #37 Pro 2 Truck
458 368 969
Has set 1.21.548 for #213 on Baja Cross Country Circuit

The Nissan’s a good choice, used it for this week’s Championship and it’s a good all-rounder, if top speed is a factor in the Trial it’s got no problems there either unlike some other vehicles in the category.

I will get a complete list ready for when the trial.hits ( I hope I guessed right lol).

I will be adding

2017 FORD #25 “Brocky” Ultra4 Bronco RTR by Constin Oddity 415 395 408

I’ve already came prepared by collecting enough points this week, so I don’t have to do any more trials this series :slight_smile:
Also if that insane 100 mile drive with 4 1/2 Litre stands … auto drive and I’ll go watch some TV.

I think they’ve borked the Auto-Drive feature in a recent update, to make AFKs more difficult.

Cars seem to swerve all over the place now and inactivity is now detected after a relatively short amount of time.

Well I tested it on Goliath just now, it took 17 min and 30 sec to auto drive clean lap, 3 would be needed for 100 mile trip as B 700.
That’s how I’ll complete this, since people behind this quick cash grab game don’t give a damn, why should I.

Have the devs fixed the AI not getting slowed for water and obstacles yet? If not that will be terrible with the human players i get matched with, haha!

I haven’t tested that but I have tested unbeatable on all the sandy tracks and I destroyed them. Not so much my doing but the Ai was really bad

Nope! If you’re not right next to them, the obstacles have no impact on them (and you can see that when you come up behind them obstacles that they would have had to drive through have not been broken). It has been this way since FH3 at the very least, probably 2 also, but I’d have to go back and try it. This is another one of those things that I’ve reported through bug reports numerous times, the devs are aware of it and don’t care, like so many other broken things in this game.

Also the requirement for a 4 million credit car for the weekly Forzathon is absurd. Sure other people have “plenty” of money and this isn’t an issue, but for someone that plays this game even a tiny bit casually, that’s a stupid sum of money for a required car without an alternative way of getting it. There are dozens of ways this could have been done better, but see previous comment, the devs clearly do not care. (Honestly, screw the 100 miles driven, that’s child’s play compared to actually buying the thing, and agreed that the 100 FP “apology” is a slap in the face, and shows just how out of touch with reality PG is.)