preorder ferrari 388gtb

Has anyone noticed, the preorder ferrari 388 has worse stats than the regular 388 in the autoshow?

I havent heard of the 388gtb so maybe that has something to do with it…
And it certainly isnt a preorder bonus

The pre order car is a 488 GTB.

The standard version you refer to, I guess you mean the 458?

No, he’s right. There’s the regular 488 GTB and Gamestop had a free 488GTB Preorder Car. There’s also a Hellcat and a Hellcat Preorder Car. They all look the same, and I think the tuning setups are transferable, but they are listed as 488 GTB and 488 GTB Preorder car in the garage. Same with those Hellcats.

But whether the 488’s stats are different, I didn’t notice. I did notice that the Hellcat Preorder is bumped up to A800 while the regular version is in the mid-700’s. Same horses, more handling. Tires maybe? I didn’t check.